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Welcome to the Harmonica Lessons.com Message Board Archives where nearly 10,000 questions, answers, and comments are stored. This board is no longer active.
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"Thank you for the best harp site on the net. Each time I log on I learn something new. I am a beginning harp player. I struggled around with the books. Now I think I wasted the money..."
-Sincerely, Jon Charles, USA

"You should have received my renewal payment via PayPal as this letter is being written. Your site is excellent and I couldn't be without it."
-BJ, Geraldton, Western Australia

"I love this web site."

-Mickey Raphael (Harmonica player with Willie Nelson)

"I was getting pretty frustrated trying to learn the Harp alone when I came across your web site. I find it very clear and interesting. It's the next best thing to having a private teacher sitting with you!"
-Greg Porter, Calif. USA

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