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The video/audio files at will stream to your computer and require a current version of the free Adobe Flash Player.
  • Key of "C" harmonica- All audio files are recorded with a standard key of "C" diatonic harmonica unless noted otherwise (a key of "C" chromatic is used for the chromatic harmonica instruction examples).

  • What kind of sound (audio) files are being used?
    The sound files found on this site are MP3s and require a current version of the free Adobe Flash Player to stream the audio.

  • What is meant by a "streaming" sound file?
    "Streaming" allows you to listen to a file while it is downloading. Without "streaming", you would have to wait while you first download the sound file to your hard drive and then open the correct audio program to listen to it.

  • Does it matter whether I have a PC or a Mac to play these sound files?
    No, as long as you have a current Flash Player plugin for your web browser, all should go well.

  • MIDI File Help- MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A MIDI file is a computer document that contains the performance of a musical piece in terms of the notes played and the timing of the notes. The actual sounds to make the music will come from the user's computer operating system. Any MIDI files found here (or elsewhere for that matter) can be played by your computer and you will not need any additional equipment.

    Once you click on a MIDI file it should begin to play. If it hasn't started playing automatically, you can right-click on the file (Control-click on a Mac) and it will download to your computer. Then, double-click on the file and your operating system's default MIDI player will play it (Windows Media Player on a PC or QuickTime on a Mac). You do not need special software. Visit our MIDI files page to download files to jam to.

SAMPLE VIDEO:  Harmonica Lessons for Beginners
A simple playing tip to speed up your movement and add accuracy in single notes.
In this excerpt, Dave discusses some of the reasons for playing in either 1st Position or 2nd Position.

SAMPLE VIDEO:  Advanced Harmonica Lessons
Dave explains how the concept of "Follow Through", as found in many sports, also applies directly to your breathing and airflow.
Learn the value of not just learning a scale up and down, but dividing it into smaller "bite-size" chunks, which can then be used as blues riffs.

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