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Member Videos: Beginner Players

Take a look and listen to some of the fine playing examples by members at These harmonica players vary in playing experience from "just started" to playing about one year. You will see and hear some amazing beginner harmonica players who all started playing via this website or privately with Dave Gage. Click here to watch the more Advanced Members jamming.

Video: Mimi: "12-Bar Blues in G"
Click to Play Video Mimi has been playing harmonica for about a year and has taken private and group lessons with Dave Gage.

Video: Alex: 6-Year Old Harmonica Player
Click to Play Video Hear him use both the 2nd Position Blues Scale and the Country Scales and lots of bent notes.

Video: Cary: "Rock n Roll in G"
Click to Play Video Cary attends at least one harmonica class a week with Dave Gage. He has gained the skill and confidence in his playing in less than a year to jam with numerous bands.

Video: Tony: "Bluegrass in D minor"
Click to Play Video Bluegrass style harmonica played in 3rd Position on a key of "C" diatonic in "D minor".

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