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This section contains "General Overview" topics which include: a brief comparison of diatonic vs. chromatic harmonicas, basic 1st and 2nd position harmonica theory (how and why to play your key of "C" harmonica in either "C" or "G"), and a "Chart of Harmonica Keys & Positions".
  • Be sure you've read- through the Beginners Start Here section and have the correct type of harmonica before going any further.

  • For additional "position" information and charts- visit the Theory section for much more information on the different positions that can be use on a standard diatonic along with additional charts and graphs describing how to use this info when playing with others.

  • For definitions of musical terms- visit the Terms & Definitions section and get the musical definitions of words like diatonic and chromatic. Both of these terms have meanings outside the world of harmonica.

Click here for the first page and read about the differences between the standard 10-hole diatonic and the chromatic harmonicas and who plays them. Which one is best for you?

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