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Holding/Hand Effects
Relation of 4 Basic Techniques

The techniques accessed from this section have something for players of all levels. Beginners can start out with these instructions for basic harmonica techniques and it will allow them to learn correct skills the first time around. Intermediate to more advanced players can find tips to improve what they already know.
  • Beginners should start with- the 2 most basic techniques for playing most any type of harmonica in any musical style: Single Notes and Holding/Hand Effects. Give these two some time before moving on. In the meantime you can also be learning a few songs.

  • Bending and Breathing- Be sure you are fairly comfortable with the more basic techniques of Single Notes and Holding/Hand Effects before spending too much time on bending and breathing. A few weeks to a month of fairly accurate single noting is a good indicator of when to begin work on these two techniques.

  • More/Jamming Techniques- Once you're somewhat comfortable with the 4 basic techniques, you can add some interest and variety to your song playing and jamming with some or all of these additional techniques.

  • Advanced Techniques- These techniques are geared towards players that have been playing regularly for at least 3-6 months or longer. At this point, you should already be comfortable with the four basic techniques: single notes, hand effects, bending, breathing, and have at least a few songs and riffs memorized.

Click here to get started with the "Single Notes" technique.

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