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Art- Recommended Harmonicas

The topics in the gray box above comprise the "Recommended Harmonicas" section of the website. If you are not sure if your model and brand of harmonica is suitable for the instruction at this website, use the blue link above for the "Recommended (and NOT Recommended) Chart".

  • Key of "C" standard 10-hole diatonic (and/or chromatic harmonica)- It's preferable that the diatonic harmonica you use be in the key of "C", especially if you are just starting out. Other keys of diatonics will work with the instruction and songs, but most of the theory and explanations are based on a standard key of "C" diatonic (view Keys of Harmonicas Chart). Keep in mind, that the material in the Chromatic Harmonica section would of course require a chromatic harmonica.

  • Should I buy a used one?- This is entirely up to you. But, we don't recommend it for obvious health reasons, and the fact that a brand new good quality diatonic is between $30 and $50. Also, harmonicas do wear out over time. It's best to start with one that you know is in good condition and plays in tune.

  • We also recommend- you take a look at the Beginners Start Here and General Overview sections for additional information.

Click through now to the "Recommended (and NOT Recommended) Chart". If the harmonica model is a link, you can click on it to make a purchase.

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