The Brothers Gage Video Page

Here are some performance videos of the musical duo, The Brothers Gage. Both brothers started playing harmonica when they were 5 years old and learned from their father, Dave Gage. They are now both excellent harmonica players, singers, play guitar/bass; drums (Brody), and keyboards (Alex).

Video: "House of the Rising Sun"- Brothers Gage (Minor Harmonicas Duo)

Alex Gage (age 13) and Brody Gage (age 11) singing & playing "House of the Rising Sun" on Lee Oskar Natural Minor harmonicas in A minor. They opened for the band Jacksh*t when they played at McCabe's Guitar Shop in December 2015.

Video: "Wabash Cannonball"- Brothers Gage (Harmonica/guitars)

The Brothers Gage, sons of Dave Gage, singing, playing harmonicas, guitar, and bass, at a local Talent Show in October 2015.
*Played in the key of "E" on Lee Oskar and Seydel harmonicas in the key of "A" (in 2nd Position, for you harmonica players).

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