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Below the video samples is a complete list of all the full-length lesson videos found in the member area. All videos are screen captures of previous live classes.

LIVE CLASS CLIPS:  Harmonica Lessons for Beginners
Watch some short excerts from our live online classes. The 4th video is a "Full-Length Online Harmonica Class" where you'll see members interact with Dave as he gives helpful critiques to their playing.

ONLINE CLASS CLIPS:  Advanced Harmonica Lessons

Online Classes Archive:
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  • 77. Open Mic Night! IV (6/6/13, Length: 22:13)
    Session included: Solo Jam on a "G" diatonic, 12-Bar Blues in "E" to music, Solo 12-Bar Blues in "G". ALL LEVELS.

  • 76. Beginner Jamming I: 1st Position [Straight Harp] (5/24/13, Length: 38:52)
    A perfect class for brand new players who would like to begin jamming with music vs. merely playing a song melody. We learn to use the 1st Position Major Scale and the Major Pentatonic "Country" Scale to begin improvising (jamming) to simple songs. Single notes are helpful, but not required. ALL LEVELS.

  • 75. Bending Workshop III (5/23/13, Length: 27:54)
    1-on-1 lesson with one of our intermediate level members. We begin with the whole-step bend on hole 3 Draw and then move to hole 1 Draw, 2 Draw, and 4 Draw.

  • 74. Playing Critiques IV (5/17/13, Length: 27:23)
    Critiques included: Single Notes; Tongue Blocking Tips; Bending hole 1 Draw; Single Notes on a Song.

  • 72. Free Choice Jam III (5/15/13, Length: 36:09)
    Jam songs included: "John Henry" key of "C"; "Amazing Grace" key of "G"; "St James Infirmary" key of "E minor"; and "Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms" key of "G".

  • 71. Open Mic Night! III (5/10/13, Length: 17:57)
    Session included: 6 songs played by members: Fred, Tony, and Tom. ALL LEVELS.

  • 70. Breathing II: More Tips/Drills (5/9/13, Length: 54:15)
    Learn to play without using your nose and then learn to use the nose as a "valve" (including a drill on how to practice this). We also discuss "follow through", using the "whole hole". For diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. INTERMEDIATE/ADV LEVELS.

  • 69. General Q & A Workshop VIII (5/8/13, Length: 47:06)
    Lots of good music theory in this class. Topics included: 1. Can we play chords like piano? 2. Are you playing in "C"? 3. Octaves on root of the chord? 4. What is Minor? 5.Sharps and Flats? 6. How to stop amp feedback? Plus, 3 more. ALL LEVELS.

  • 68. Playing Critiques III (5/3/13, Length: 21:13)
    Critiques included: 3 songs played by 3 of our members, Tony, Fred, and Tom. ALL LEVELS.

  • 67. Jamming Techniques II: Warbles, Tonguing, Using Chords (5/2/13, Length: 55:14)
    Warbles, Tonguing, and Using Chords. These jamming techniques can be used for general improvising, but also applied to riffs, scales, and songs. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 66. Ear Training III: Chromatic Harmonica (5/1/13, Length: 46:40)
    Listen to and identify chromatic harmonica single notes: without the slide, then only with the slide in for sharps and flats. You will then name the hole played and name of note, all which is explained in the class. You will need a chromatic harmonica to participate. ALL LEVELS.

  • 65. Hah-Dah, Hey-Dey Chugging II: 2 Bar Patterns (4/26/13, Length: 43:48)
    1 Bar of "Hah-Dah, Hey-Deys", 1 Bar of "something else". "Something else" will be a bar of: rest, whole note, warble, 1/4 notes, 1/2 notes. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 64. Jamming Techniques I: Slides, Drop-offs, Tell a Story (4/25/13, Length: 40:18)
    Slides (for beginning of notes), Drop-offs (for ends of notes), and a discussion of Bending and Hand Effects (for the "middle" of notes). These techniques can be used on your riffs, scales, Target Notes, songs, and general improvising that help each note tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end. ALL LEVELS.

  • 63. Bending Workshop II (4/24/13, Length: 30:08)
    We take a "live" look at the bending of two our HarmonicaLessons.com members and talk about how to improve what they have and get to the next level. ALL LEVELS.

  • 62. Harmonica Theory I: Positions (4/19/13, Length: 50:35)
    Positions Starting with the difference between 1st vs. 2nd Position and a look into Positions 1-12. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 61. Breathing I: Getting Started (4/18/13, Length: 44:23)
    A beginning thru advanced look at correct breathing for harmonica players. It's derived from good single note technique and ultimately leads you to better bending. Tips for how to make it happen naturally and fix the lower and higher draw notes that don't come out well or at all. For diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. ALL LEVELS.

  • 60. Free Choice Jam II (4/17/13, Length: 38:57)
    Jam songs included: "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" key of "G"; "Battle of New Orleans" key of "E"; "The Cat Came Back" key of "E minor"; and "Will lthe Circle Be Unbroken" key of "G". ALL LEVELS.

  • 59. Advanced Topics I: Guitar for Harmonica Players (4/12/13, Length: 51:01)
    Intro and overview of guitar for harmonica players. Learn the basic open chords, bar chords, what a capo is, and how to figure out the key of music by looking at the guitar player. Also, parts of the guitar, names of the strings, and more. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 58. Holding/Hand Effects: Lesson 1 (4/11/13, Length: 59:28)
    An in-depth look at basic holding and hand effects including hand tremolo and the "Wah Effect". Not just how, but also "why". Examples for both diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. ALL LEVELS.

  • 57. General Q & A Workshop VII (4/10/13, Length: 37:08)
    Topics included: 1. Should I Practice Scales?; 2. Bendng; 3. Why to use 2nd Position; 4. My bending comes and goes!; 5.What is throat vibrato?; 6. Sam Hinton's tongue blocking. ALL LEVELS.

  • 56. Beginners Start Here III: Beginner Shortcuts (4/5/13, Length: 46:43)
    Class covers "Beginner Shortcuts" and quick tips for single notes, holding, bending, breathing, tonguing, using chords, playing songs, and the "Almost Blues Scale" for basic blues improv. BEGINNING LEVEL.

  • 55. Tongue Blocking II: Special Effects (4/4/13, Length: 48:10)
    Special Effects and Sounds including: Hoo-la-la's, Hoo-la's, Delayed Tongue, Octaves and Tongue Blocking Tremolo. Prerequisite: clean tongue blocked single notes. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 54. Ear Training II: Intervals, 3-Note Riffs (4/3/13, Length: 46:57)
    Two and three note riffs, a few riffs with bends, a few intervals quiz on different technique sounds like: warbles, hand effects, bending, tongue blocking techniques, tonguing. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 53. Beginners Start Here II: Lesson Plans (3/29/13, Length: 43:40)
    What to work on first and where to go next -- coming up with a plan and a schedule. Starts with beginners tips/overview, "Harder than it looks", and Weeks 1-6 are discussed. Ideally, you can double each week for a 12-week program. BEGINNING LEVEL.

  • 52. Blues Improv IV: Blues Turnarounds (3/28/13, Length: 47:01)
    Blues Turnarounds: what they are, what their purpose is, where you do them, 3 classic 2nd Position examples, and "simplying" tips for beginners at the end. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 51. Free Choice Jam I (3/27/13, Length: 40:22)
    Jam songs included: "Worried Man Blues", "Wabash Cannonball", "House of the Rising Sun", and "Frankie and Johnny". ALL LEVELS.

  • 50. Blues Scale: Lesson II (3/22/13, Length: 33:17)
    We add two more notes to the 2nd Position Blues Scale and break it into 3 Sections. It's like 6 new blues Scale riffs. Start and stop on different notes. Level: Intermediate and advanced. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 49. Chromatic Harmonica II (3/21/13, Length: 42:05)
    Playing techniques for chromatic harmonica. Including: single notes, holding/hand effects, slides & drop-offs, bending, tongue blocking effects, slide trills. ALL LEVELS.

  • 48. Bending Workshop I (3/20/13, Length: 34:34)
    We take a "live" look at the bending of two our HarmonicaLessons.com members and talk about how to improve what they have and get to the next level. ALL LEVELS.

  • 47. Jam with Dave V (3/15/13, Length: 46:03)
    Guitar backing for "Oh Susanna" at 3 different tempos and 4 different keys: "C", "G", "A", "D" (yes, 12 play-alongs). A brief talk on the song chord changes and what to do with them in 2nd Position. If you own different keys of diatonics, have them ready! If you only have a key of "C", that will work for the beginning of the class. ALL LEVELS.

  • 46. Country Harmonica: Lesson II (3/14/13, Length: 52:19)
    Featuring, in 2nd Position: Upbeat Chugging, "The" Country Riff, and breaking the Country Scale into 3 Sections. Level: Intermediate and advanced. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 45. Open Mic Night! II (3/13/13, Length: 27:00)
    Session included: six different songs played in 1st or 3rd Position. A brief discussion of using tongue blocking "Hoo-la-las" and Hoo-las" for rhythm accompaniment when playing 1st Position melodies. ALL LEVELS.

  • 44. Jamming Techniques III: Throat Vibrato (3/8/13, Length: 48:39)
    How to do it and where to use it. Tips and exercises to speed up developing the throat vibrato muscles. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 43. One Liner Tips II: Techniques/Becoming More Musical (3/7/13, Length: 47:14)
    We go over basic and general tips for a few of the basic techniques and also cover tips for "becoming more musical". ALL LEVELS.

  • 42. General Q & A Workshop VI (3/6/13, Length: 40:05)
    Topics included: 1. Cleaning a diatonic; 2. Obtaining correct tab; 3. Melody starting notes/harmony; 4. How & why of playing minor melodies in different positions. ALL LEVELS.

  • 41. Beginners Start Here: Lesson I (3/1/13, Length: 30:22)
    Topics include: Not as easy as it looks, "Quick Start Tips", which harmonica to buy, holding, breathing, staying relaxed/head up, knock out saliva, hole 2 Draw, move harmonica-not head, 15 minutes a day, 1st vs. 2nd Position. BEGINNING LEVEL.

  • 40. Jam with Dave III: Electric Guitar/Drums (2/28/13, Length: 30:43)
    Instrumental jamming with electric guitar and a drum machine to keep the beat. Slow 12-Bar blues jam in "G", a mid-tempo 12-Bar blues in "E" and a faster straight 1/8 note 12-Bar Blues in "G" also. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 39. Playing Critiques II (2/27/13, Length: 34:13)
    Critiques include: "Down in the Valley", "A bluegrass/folk melody", "bending hole 3 Draw". ALL LEVELS.

  • 38. One Liner Tips I: Starting Out/General Tips (2/22/13, Length: 42:23)
    We'll go over some basic and general tips for beginners and also try to dispel some very common harmonica playing misconceptions. This class is designed for those just starting out, but all levels are likely to find an helpful tip or two. BEGINNING LEVEL.

  • 37. Chromatic Harmonica I: Introduction (2/21/13, Length: 57:03)
    Discussion, demos, and overview of: theory behind it, what the slide does, hole/note layout, which one to buy, how it's different from a standard diatonic, and the advantages and disadvantages. It's helpful if you already have a chromatic harmonica, but not required. ALL LEVELS.

  • 36. Blues Improv III: Techniques Improv (2/20/13, Length: 44:14)
    A comprehensive look at a simple improv method on how to incorporate playing techniques with a simple collection of 2nd Position notes that will enable you to sound good by "making good sounds". Easy and effective for all levels. ALL LEVELS.

  • 35. General Q and A #V (2/20/13, Length: 31:35)
    Questions included: 1. Play 1st Position melodies in 2nd Position. 2. Easier to bend on Lee Oskar or Special 20? 3. Why would you use 2nd over 1st Position? 4. Where can I get reeds replaced? 5. I can't duplicate a 1st Position song in 2nd Position. 6. How do I make my own timing for riffs? ALL LEVELS.

  • 34. Jam with Dave IV: 12-Bar Blues in "E" (2/15/13, Length: 31:30)
    Slow and mid-tempo 12-Bar Blues jam in "E" with acoustic guitar plus a quick review of improv ideas. You'll need a diatonic in the key of "A" to play along in 2nd Position. ALL LEVELS.

  • 33. Blues Scale: Lesson I (2/14/13, Length: 37:37)
    Upgrading the 2nd Position "Almost Blues Scale", getting the bends correct, beginning with one octave and then adding down to hole 1 Draw. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 32. Using the Members Area I (2/13/13, Length: 39:21)
    Getting the most out of the website and discovering features you may not have known about, it's bigger then you might think. Topics include: navigation, video overview, the Live Online Classes, content & instruction highlights, Discussion Forums, the "My Account" page: email notifications/upgrade membership/cancel recurring billing, and more. ALL LEVELS.

  • 31. Target Notes: Lesson II (2/8/13, Length: 42:19)
    Pulsing 1/4 notes; adding the Secondary Set, basic jamming techniques, and using 3D to connect the Target Notes together. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 30. Bending: Lesson III (2/7/13, Length: 32:28)
    We continue our bending notes series with: a bending review, how to hit a bent note first, and how to use grace note bends. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 29. Terms & Definitions V (2/6/13, Length: 42:34)
    We continue going through our Terms & Definitions pages from where we left off in Lesson IV and discuss some of the important "T-Z" terms and concepts and how they relate to harmonica playing and music in general. ALL LEVELS.

  • 28. Terms & Definitions IV (2/1/13, Length: 39:07)
    We continue going through our Terms & Definitions pages from where we left off in Lesson III and discuss some of the important "Q-S" terms and concepts and how they relate to harmonica playing and music in general. ALL LEVELS.

  • 27. Terms & Definitions III (1/31/13, Length: 44:09)
    We continue going through our Terms & Definitions pages from where we left off in Lesson II and discuss some of the important "M-P" terms and concepts and how they relate to harmonica playing and music in general. ALL LEVELS.

  • 26. Terms & Definitions II (1/30/13, Length: 38:31)
    We continue going through our Terms & Definitions pages from where we left off in Lesson I and discuss some of the important "G-M" terms and concepts and how they relate to harmonica playing and music in general. ALL LEVELS.

  • 25. Harmonica Style of: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty (1/25/13, Length: 27:27)
    We group these singer-songwriters together who add harmonica to some of their songs because their playing style is very similar. The playing is fairly simple to copy, even for beginning players, played on a neck rack, and usually in 1st Position. ALL LEVELS.

  • 24. 3rd Position: Lesson I (1/24/13, Length: 36:19)
    Getting started with holes 4-8 using both the 3rd Position Minor and Blues scales. Explanation of Dorian vs. Minor scales plus some position and music theory. Class ends with a minor blues play-along to try out 3rd Position. ALL LEVELS.

  • 23. Music Genres I: Playing Folk Music (1/23/13, Length: 37:14)
    We discuss what you would do on harmonica to play with folk music. Is the song major or minor? Which position/harmonica should I use? Included at the end is guitar accompaniment for "House of the Rising Sun" and "Will the Circle Be Unbroken". ALL LEVELS.

  • 22. Jam with Dave II: Play with a Singer (1/18/13, Length: 37:12)
    Jamming with a singer. We'll discuss how to play with a vocalist in terms of "fills" and backup playing. Dave will play guitar and sing "Love You Just the Same", a 12-Bar Blues in "G". INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 21. Harmonica Style of: Norton Buffalo I (1/17/13, Length: 32:35)
    Chugging a la "18 Wheels". We break apart the very cool and unique sounding chugging (chording) pattern from his "18 Wheels" song from the "Lovin' in the Valley of the Moon" album. You'll need a diatonic in the key of "A" to play along. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 20. General Q & A IV (1/16/13, Length: 32:08)
    Questions included: 1. Lee Oskar Melody Maker vs. 1st Position? 2. Are "Hah-Dah, Hey-Deys" the best way to play rhythm? 3. Lee Oskar Natural Minor also named by it's 2nd Position key? 4. Tips for learning saxophone sounds/notes on the harmonica? 5. Good first key if I buy a Lee Oskar Natural Minor diatonic? 6. How can I play faster? ALL LEVELS.

  • 19. Song Play-Alongs I: Beginner Songs (01/11/13, Length: 31:32)
    Play-along with "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Oh Susanna" in 1st Position to the acoustic guitar. If possible, memorize the songs beforehand. ALL LEVELS.

  • 18. Terms & Definitions I (1/10/13, Length: 32:34)
    We go through our Terms & Definitions pages and discuss the important numeric and "A-F" terms and concepts and how they relate to harmonica playing and music in general. ALL LEVELS.

  • 17. Jam with Dave I: 12-Bar Blues in "G" (1/9/13, Length: 34:06)
    Slow 12-Bar blues jam in "G" with acoustic guitar. Use "Almost Blues Scale", "Target Notes", or any scale or method of improv you choose. ALL LEVELS.

  • 16. General Q & A III (01/05/13, Length: 39:30)
    Questions included: 1. Best playing harmonica out of the box? 2. How do you know your harmonica needs replacing? 3. Replace broken cover plates? 4. Possible to seal unsealed wood combs? 5. Possible to blow too hard? 6. Is the Chrometta 10 worth learning on? 7. What about the round vs. square hole chromatics? ALL LEVELS.

  • 15. Vertical Slot Single Notes (01/04/13, Length: 36:37)
    A comprehensive look at Vertical Slot single notes. Class includes basic instruction, examples, plenty of extra tips, and proper angle of the harmonica and jaw position. ALL LEVELS.

  • 14. Tongue Blocking: Lesson I (01/02/13, Length: 32:52)
    An introduction to Tongue Blocking. Class includes basic instruction, plus explanations and demos of the different technique aspects of Tongue Blocking (single notes, octaves, delayed tongue, hoo-la-las, tongue switching, etc.) ALL LEVELS.

  • 13. Ear Training: Lesson I (12/24/12, Length: 31:27)
    You'll need a standard 10-hole key of "C" diatonic. We do some note quizzes and combinations of notes to better your "ear". We start off slow and easy, so don't worry if you've never done it before. ALL LEVELS.

  • 12. Open Mic Night! (12/21/12, Length: 14:28)
    Session included: a slow blues solo and a talk about 1st Position chording including some chugging tips. ALL LEVELS.

  • 11. General Q and A (questions/answer class) (12/20/12, Length: 27:51)
    Questions included: 1. Are the Hohner Crossovers the longest-lasting diatonic? 2. Tips for playing single notes. 3. Tips for jamming with bluegrass.

  • 10. Bending: Lesson II- Troubleshooting (12/19/12, Length: 52:40)
    Starts with a review of bending basics and then additional tips on bending. We discuss the "red ball" analogy. ALL LEVELS.

  • 9. Playing Critiques (12/14/12, Length: 21:12)
    Critiques include: "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry", bending hole 2D with the "Red Ball" analogy, "Yesterday" and "Blue Christmas" on chromatic harmonica. ALL LEVELS.

  • 8. Different Tunings for Diatonics (12/13/12, Length: 49:51)
    Learn the value of buying (and/or re-tuning your own) and playing alternate tuned diatonics. Examples include: the Lee Oskar "Melody Maker", "Harmonic Minor", "Natural Minor" tunings, and the Dave Gage 3P Tuning (for extended 3rd Position playing -- here's an example of it called "Dat Groove"). INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 7. Hah-Dah, Hey-Dey Chugging: Lesson I (12/12/12, Length: 33:03)
    An intro and discussion of this very fun and useful method of 2nd Position chugging. Great for solo harmonica, rock, and fast country/bluegrass. We cover both the single note and chord versions, discuss where to use it, and talk about "Tonguing". INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 6. Country Harmonica: Lesson I (12/7/12, Length: 25:58)
    We begin with the 2nd Position Country Scale (a one octave Major Pentatonic Scale), discuss it's usage, and end with a peak into the "Country Riff" and bluegrass riffs. INTERMEDIATE-ADV LEVELS.

  • 5. Beginner Blues Harmonica (12/6/12, Length: 50:06)
    Featuring the 2nd Position "Almost Blues Scale", simple blues riffs (ABS riffs #1, 2, 4), adding simple techniques (Techniques Improv), and general improv tips. BEGINNING LEVEL.

  • 4. Bending: Lesson I (12/5/12, Length: 43:55)
    A focus on the basics of bending for beginners, but also covering tips and instruction for Intermediate and Advanced level players. ALL LEVELS.

  • 3. 12-Bar Blues & Target Notes (11/30/12, Length: 40:34)
    Discussion of what 12-Bar Blues is and how to play to it with Target Notes. ALL LEVELS.

  • 2. Beginner Basic Techniques (11/29/12, Length: 42:57)
    Overview of the 4 basic playing techniques: Holding/Hand Effects, Single Notes, Breathing, and Bending. ALL LEVELS.

  • 1. General Q & A I (11/28/12, Length: 34:53)
    Questions included: 1. How can I improve my breathing and get the diaphragmatic breathing to work? 2. Where should I place my tongue when working on breathing? 3. How would I do tongue blocking? 4. How hard should I breathe through the harmonica? ALL LEVELS.

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