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Techniques: More/Jamming

Art- More/Jamming Techniques

Articulation (Tonguing)
Using Chords

Whether or not you've mastered the basic techniques: single notes, holding/hand tremolo, bending, and breathing; you may want to add some or all of these additional techniques to your bag of tricks.

  • Spice up your song playing and jamming- Once you're comfortable with the basic techniques, you can add some interest and variety to your song playing and jamming with some or all of these additional techniques.

  • Commit to memory your songs, riffs, and scales- Once you are capable of doing these various techniques, you will find them easier to integrate into your songs, riffs, and scales, if you already have the notes memorized. It's not enough to know the techniques and notes, you will need to spend time putting them together.

Click here to get started with the "Articulation (Tonguing)" technique.

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