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Harmonica Solos/Riff Tabs

A complete listing of the tabbed solos and riffs from the "Rock/Pop" category is found in the boxes below and are all available in the Members Area. You can search either by artist or by song title. Also, see Master Song List.

(by artist)

Beatles-I Should Have Kno...
Beatles-Love Me Do
Black Sabbath-The Wizard
Blues Traveler-Run-Around
Cream-Sunshine Of Your...
Whip It riff
J. Geils Band-Whammer Jammer
B. Joel-Piano Man
Led Zepp-Nobody's Fault But...
J. Mayall-Room To Move
Metallica-Enter Sandman
A. Morissette-Head Over Feet
A. Morissette-Hand in My Po...
T. Petty-Mary Jane's La...
Pretenders-Middle Of The Road
Rolling Stones-Miss You
Romantics-What I Like...
Springsteen-The River
Supertramp-Take The Lon...
Low Rider riff
N. Young-Heart of Gold
N. Young-Out On the Weekend


Blues Riffs
Country Riffs
(by song title)

Enter Sandman riff
Hand in My Pocket
Head Over Feet
N. Young-Heart of Gold
I Should Have Known Better
Love Me Do riff
Low Rider riff
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Middle Of The Road
Miss You riff
Nobody's Fault But Mine
N. Young-Out On the Weekend
Piano Man
The River
Room To Move
Run-Around (complete)
Sunshine Of Your Love
Take The Long Way Home
Whammer Jammer
What I Like About You
Whip It riff
The Wizard


Blues Riffs
Country Riffs

  • "Tabs" (or Tablature) defined- Tabs are a simplified way to notate harmonica solos, harmonica parts, melodies and songs, without having to formally read music. Directly below is an example of our tab system. It is explained in greater detail when necessary on the specific tab pages. Additional general info about "tabs" is found on the Tabs main page.

    The Harmonica tab system
    The Harmonica "tab" system.

  • Timing for the Tabs is not included- If you would like the complete music for piano (or guitar) with chords and timing included, you can visit our Store for song, tab, and "fake" books that include numerous artists and styles of music.

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