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Harmonica Classes Online: General Info

Current members of can take a live, interactive harmonica class. You can participate via text chat and for some classes, you can also be involved if you have a mic and video camera. The class topics vary greatly and span from absolute beginning level to advanced level players.

Preview a "Full-Length Live Harmonica Class"

Video: "Playing Critiques IV" (Archive #74)

Critiques this day included: Single Notes; Tongue Blocking Tips; Bending hole 1 Draw; Single Notes on a Song. [Video Length: 27:24]
  • This is an example of our "Participation" classes where members can interact in real time. Participation is not mandatory, you can come to a class and just watch. Our participation classes include: "General Q & A Workshop", "Playing Critiques", "Bending Workshops", "Free Choice Jams", "Open Mic Night", and "Ear Training".

  • Our other class type is a "Topic" class that is primarily lecture style with in-depth instruction on a particular harmonica technique, aspect of theory, or other playing concept. Topic classes include: "Vertical Slot Single Notes", "Bending I, II, III", "Breathing: Lessons I, II", "Tongue Blocking", "Beginning Jamming in 1st and 2nd Position", "Country Harmonica", "Chugging", "12-Bar Blues", "3rd Position", and many more.

  • View a List of Archived Class Videos (with descriptions) here.

    General Information

  • Available to all current members- Any current member can participate in any of the live online classes. You do not have to be at any specific level to attend a class. Beginners are welcome in the Intermediate and Advanced classes. There is no limit to the number of classes you can attend.

  • When/How long are the classes?- The live class schedule will be posted in the Members Area. Check the current schedule at any time by logging into the Members Area and visiting the Schedule for Online Classes page. Classes will last 30-45 minutes.

  • Many classes are "interactive"- For those who wish to participate, you can type in replies to the instructor or ask questions via Text Chat. Some members for some classes will also be able to join in and play if they have a working mic and/or video camera.

  • Key of "C" diatonic harmonica- Unless noted otherwise, a standard key of "C" diatonic will be used in the classes.

  • Receive Email Notifications for changes in the schedule & new posted videos- Click to your Manage Your Membership page and subscribe to the " Class Schedule Update" Newsletter. Simply check the box and then click the Update Subscriptions button below. You won't miss a class!

  • Question or Problem?- If you have a problem or question regarding the classes, please let us know. Click here for the Contact page.

    Hardware & Software Requirements

  • Most computers and mobile devices with a broadband connection will work- You may view and participate in the live classes with most computers and mobile devices. For computers: Adobe Flash is required for web browsers. Most mobile device users will need to download an Adobe Connect helper app as noted below.

  • Computer Web Browsers must have Adobe Flash installed- Adobe Flash is required for all web browsers such as FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, and others. If you do not already have it installed, you will need to install it. Click here to download a current Adobe Flash Player.

  • Apple iOS devices will need to install a FREE app- If you are using an Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or similar Apple device, you will need to download a free app so you can access our Adobe Connect classes. Click here to download the free Adobe Connect Mobile for iOS.

  • Google Android devices will need to install a FREE app- If you are using a Google Android device, you will need to download a free app so you can access our Adobe Connect classes. Click here to download the free Adobe Connect Mobile for Android.

  • BlackBerry devices will need to install a FREE app- If you are using a BlackBerry device, you will need to download a free app so you can access our Adobe Connect classes. Click here to download the free Adobe Connect Mobile for BlackBerry.

  • Optional Mic and Video Camera- If you are attending a class that allows participants to join in (other than text chat), you will need a working microphone and/or video camera attached to your device if you would like to play for the class. It is not required that you play for the class, but if you want to, you should test that both your mic and video camera are functioning properly.

  • Headphones or Ear Buds- If you would like to play in a class, please have some headphones or ear buds nearby. You will likely need to mute your computer speakers so as to not create a feedback loop. If you do not have either available, you can mute your speakers when you play and then un-mute them when you are done. If you are playing along to a class supplied .MP3 or .MIDI file, you will definitely need headphones or ear buds so you can play while listening to the music (without the speakers on).

    Types of Classes and Topics

  • Lecture Classes- These classes will be mostly focused on harmonica and music theory.

  • Workshops- Look for classes on playing techniques, songs, scales, tips for improvising, and more.

  • Q & A (questions and answer class)- Come with your questions on anything that relates to harmonica, harmonica playing, and music. Some Q & A classes will be specifically for beginners and other classes will be open for all levels.

  • Member Playing Critiques- Be prepared with a song or scale you know well or be ready to improvise. All levels are welcome. You will be critiqued by the instructor and fellow members can add a comment or two. This is intended to be a very friendly and positive experience for all. If you'd like to attend, but not play, that is fine too.

  • "Open Mic Night"- Play for us! A song, solo, or improv would be great. No critiques, just playing and listening.

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