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SAMPLE VIDEO:  Harmonica Lessons for Beginners
Watch some short excerts from our live online classes. The 4th video is a "Full-Length Online Harmonica Class" where you'll see members interact with Dave as he gives helpful critiques to their playing.
Click to play video
A simple playing tip to speed up your movement and add accuracy in single notes.
Click to play video
Dave gives a general overview of what you can obtain from both diatonic and chromatic harmonicas in regards to harmonica chords.
Click to play video
In this excerpt, Dave discusses some of the reasons for playing in either 1st Position or 2nd Position.
Click to play video
This is an example of a live online class where members can interact in real time.

SAMPLE VIDEO:  Advanced Harmonica Lessons
Click to play video
Dave explains how the concept of "Follow Through", as found in many sports, also applies directly to your breathing and airflow.
Click to play video
Dave explains the value of not just learning a scale up and down, but dividing it into smaller "bite-size" chunks, which can then be used as blues riffs.
Click to play video
Dave demonstrates how you can use the "Tonguing" technique to create interesting sounds such as the "Chicken Call".
Click to play video
Knowing the names of the notes is great for: learning scales, keying songs, reading music, and to play in different keys of music.

- Benefits of Membership -
  • Dave Gage, Founder and Author- Learn with Dave who has played and taught professionally since 1979 and has logged over 10,000 hours of private and group instruction. Read more about and listen to Dave Gage play harmonica.
  • Over 45 Hours of Instructional Video- Live online harmonica lessons are edited with additional annotations and posted in the Members Area to view at any time (as many times as you want).
  • Attend up to 12 Live Online Harmonica Classes (every month)- Learn in "real time" with live online classes. FREE with any membership. View our Upcoming "Live" Harmonica Class Schedule.
  • Beginners are Welcome!- We have a complete section specifically for those who have never played harmonica or any other instrument before. We make it easy to get playing right away with Beginner Harmonica videos and Lesson Plans. Learn at your own pace.
    View Sample Video & Pages.
  • "Everything you need in one place": Video, Text, Audio, Live Classes- Everyone learns differently. Use what works best for you.
  • Over 600 webpages of Tutorials and Harmonica Instruction- We're the "World's Most Complete Harmonica Resource" for learning to play harmonica or improving your blues harp playing.
  • Learn to Jam/Play Blues Harp- Improv sections include: Beginner Blues Scale, Blues Riffs, Target Notes, 12-Bar Blues, Techniques Improv, "When In Doubt..." jamming tips, 'Jam-To' MIDI Files (over 60). Great for beginners and up.
  • In-Depth Technique Instruction- Learn basic and more advanced harmonica playing techniques the first time. Extensive instruction for basics like: Single Notes, Holding/Hand Effects, Bending, and Breathing complete with illustrations, graphs, and sounds. Plus: Tonguing (articulation), slides, warbles, chording, tongue-blocking, tongue-switching, blow bends, throat vibrato, and more.
  • Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels- Information and instruction for all levels of harmonica players.
  • Tabs & Songs section- Includes 190 of the most popular and requested harmonica tabs and songs anywhere. Stop buying harmonica books. Plus, member submitted tabs in our Forums.
  • Chromatic Harmonica Instruction- After diatonic harmonica, the second most popular type of harmonica in the world. Played by Stevie Wonder and Toots Thielemans. 115 Songs, parts and scales plus instruction. More Chromatic Harmonica details.
  • CDs: Song Keys- Over 90 CDs and DVDs keyed. Great for practicing to because you'll know the right key of harmonica.
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  • iPhone, iPad, and Android device friendly- All webpages and media are optimized to be compatible with all devices and web browsers.
  • Discussion Forums- Use our forums to ask questions, discuss playing problems, or just share your thoughts. You can also submit a video or MP3 for a FREE Player Critique via our Members Forum. Plus, over 150 member created song tabs.
  • Theory section- Harmonica theory and music theory complete with illustrations, charts, and graphs.
  • Mics and Amps section- What to look for and how to use harmonica / blues harp mics and amps for playing "live".
  • Repair and Maintenance section- Easy "do-it-yourself" harmonica cleaning and repairs.
  • "History of the Harmonica"- Learn how the harmonica came about.
  • "Whammer Jammer" Super-Advanced Song Lesson- the classic blues harp instrumental by Magic Dick (J. Geils Band) note by note.
  • John Popper's "Run-Around" tab- Harmonica parts and solos.
  • Much More- One Liner Tips, Beginner's Shortcuts, Harmonica Terms & Definitions, FAQs, Games, Guitar/Harmonica Info, Short Stories, Featured Articles, Dave Gage Blogs, and more.

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"Thank you for the best harp site on the net. Each time I log on I learn something new. I am a beginning harp player. I struggled around with the books. Now I think I wasted the money..."
-Sincerely, Jon Charles, USA

"You should have received my renewal payment via PayPal as this letter is being written. Your site is excellent and I couldn't be without it."
-BJ, Geraldton, Western Australia

"I love this web site."

-Mickey Raphael (Harmonica player with Willie Nelson)

"I was getting pretty frustrated trying to learn the Harp alone when I came across your web site. I find it very clear and interesting. It's the next best thing to having a private teacher sitting with you!"
-Greg Porter, Calif. USA

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