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MIDI Files

MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A MIDI file is a computer document that contains the performance of a musical piece in terms of the notes played and the timing of the notes. The actual sounds to make the music will come from the user's computer operating system. Any standard MIDI files can be played by your computer; you will not need any additional equipment. All MIDI jam-to files listed below are found in the Members Area.

SAMPLE VIDEO:  Harmonica Lessons for Beginners
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A simple playing tip to speed up your movement and add accuracy in single notes.
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Dave gives a general overview of what you can obtain from both diatonic and chromatic harmonicas in regards to harmonica chords.
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In this excerpt, Dave discusses some of the reasons for playing in either 1st Position or 2nd Position.

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MIDI Files List:
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  • Slow_Blues_in_G.mid -(2nd Position on a "C")
  • Slow_Blues_in_Ab.mid -(2nd Position on a "Db")
  • Slow_Blues_in_A.mid -(2nd Position on a "D")
  • Slow_Blues_in_Bb.mid -(2nd Position on an "Eb")
  • Slow_Blues_in_B.mid -(2nd Position on an"E")
  • Slow_Blues_in_C.mid -(2nd Position on an "F")
  • Slow_Blues_in_Db.mid -(2nd Position on an "F#")
  • Slow_Blues_in_D.mid -(2nd Position on a "G")
  • Slow_Blues_in_Eb.mid -(2nd Position on an "Ab")
  • Slow_Blues_in_E.mid -(2nd Position on an "A")
  • Slow_Blues_in_F.mid -(2nd Position on a "Bb")
  • Slow_Blues_in_F#.mid -(2nd Position on a "B")
  • Slow_Blues-drums.mid -(Drums only, for timing practice)

  • Slow_Blues2_in_G.mid -(2nd Position on a "C")
  • Slow_Blues2_in_Ab.mid -(2nd Position on a "Db")
  • Slow_Blues2_in_A.mid -(2nd Position on a "D")
  • Slow_Blues2_in_Bb.mid -(2nd Position on an "Eb")
  • Slow_Blues2_in_B.mid -(2nd Position on an "E")
  • Slow_Blues2_in_C.mid -(2nd Position on an "F")
  • Slow_Blues2_in_Db.mid -(2nd Position on an "F#")
  • Slow_Blues2_in_D.mid -(2nd Position on a "G")
  • Slow_Blues2_in_Eb.mid -(2nd Position on an "Ab")
  • Slow_Blues2_in_E.mid -(2nd Position on an "A")
  • Slow_Blues2_in_F.mid -(2nd Position on a "Bb")
  • Slow_Blues2_in_F#.mid -(2nd Position on a "B")
  • Slow_Blues2-drums.mid -(Drums only, for timing practice)

  • Mid_Tempo_in_G.mid -(2nd Position on a "C")
  • Mid_Tempo_in_Ab.mid -(2nd Position on a "Db")
  • Mid_Tempo_in_A.mid -(2nd Position on a "D")
  • Mid_Tempo_in_Bb.mid -(2nd Position on an "Eb")
  • Mid_Tempo_in_B.mid -(2nd Position on an "E")
  • Mid_Tempo_in_C.mid -(2nd Position on an "F")
  • Mid_Tempo_in_Db.mid -(2nd Position on an "F#")
  • Mid_Tempo_in_D.mid -(2nd Position on a "G")
  • Mid_Tempo_in_Eb.mid -(2nd Position on an "Ab")
  • Mid_Tempo_in_E.mid -(2nd Position on an "A")
  • Mid_Tempo_in_F.mid -(2nd Position on a "Bb")
  • Mid_Tempo_in_F#.mid -(2nd Position on a "B")
  • Mid_Tempo-drums.mid -(Drums only, for timing practice)

  • Rock_12bar_in_G.mid -(2nd Position on a "C")
  • Rock_12bar_in_Ab.mid -(2nd Position on a "Db")
  • Rock_12bar_in_A.mid -(2nd Position on a "D")
  • Rock_12bar_in_Bb.mid -(2nd Position on an "Eb")
  • Rock_12bar_in_B.mid -(2nd Position on an "E")
  • Rock_12bar_in_C.mid -(2nd Position on an "F")
  • Rock_12bar_in_Db.mid -(2nd Position on an "F#")
  • Rock_12bar_in_D.mid -(2nd Position on a "G")
  • Rock_12bar_in_Eb.mid -(2nd Position on an "Ab")
  • Rock_12bar_in_E.mid -(2nd Position on an "A")
  • Rock_12bar_in_F.mid -(2nd Position on a "Bb")
  • Rock_12bar_in_F#.mid -(2nd Position on a "B")
  • Rock_12bar-drums.mid -(Drums only, for timing practice)

  • Minor-Straight 8th Note_12bar_in_G.mid -(3rd Position on an "F")
  • Minor-Straight 8th Note_12bar_in_Ab.mid -(3rd Position on an "F#")
  • Minor-Straight 8th Note_12bar_in_A.mid -(3rd Position on a "G")
  • Minor-Straight 8th Note_12bar_in_Bb.mid -(3rd Position on an "Ab")
  • Minor-Straight 8th Note_12bar_in_B.mid -(3rd Position on an "A")
  • Minor-Straight 8th Note_12bar_in_C.mid -(3rd Position on a "Bb")
  • Minor-Straight 8th Note_12bar_in_Db.mid -(3rd Position on a "B")
  • Minor-Straight 8th Note_12bar_in_D.mid -(3rd Position on a "C")
  • Minor-Straight 8th Note_12bar_in_Eb.mid -(3rd Position on a "Db")
  • Minor-Straight 8th Note_12bar_in_E.mid -(3rd Position on a "D")
  • Minor-Straight 8th Note_12bar_in_F.mid -(3rd Position on an "Eb")
  • Minor-Straight 8th Note_12bar_in_F#.mid -(3rd Position on an "E")
  • Minor-Straight 8th Note_12bar-drums.mid -(Drums only, for timing

    • The files will play on both Windows PCs and Macs- Once you click on a MIDI file it should begin to play. If it hasn't started playing automatically, you can right-click on the file (Control-click on a Mac) and it will download to your computer. Then, double-click on the file and your operating system's default MIDI player will play it (Windows Media Player on a PC or QuickTime on a Mac). You do not need special software.

    • Begin on the 5th bar- On many of the MIDI files, the first four bars of the song is an intro, the first full 12 bar blues pattern begins on the 5th bar. You can start playing at anytime or wait until the fifth bar to begin the full 12 bar blues pattern.

    • To accurately come in on bar 5. . . - hit the play button on your MIDI player, and then count 1 2 3 4, 2 2 3 4, 3 2 3 4, 4 2 3 4 (four beats or foot taps per bar), and you're in. Another way to come in at the beginning of the first full 12 bar blues pattern, is to listen for the drums to do a short 2 beat pickup (or fill) just before all the instruments begin playing at bar 5.

    Click here to learn how to play to these files with the "Blues Riffs", "Target Notes", or "Techniques Improv" approach to jamming.

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