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Since 1999: In-depth technique instruction -- Video Lessons -- Beginners thru Advanced -- Take 1-on-1 Private Zoom Lessons. Learn to play from Dave Gage, professional player and pro instructor with over 40 years experience.  Sign-up Now !!Dave Gage 30 year teaching pro

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Learn to Jam/Play Blues Harmonicagreen arrowgreen arrowgreen arrow
190 Most Popular, Requested Songs & Tabsgreen arrowgreen arrowgreen arrow
In-Depth Technique Instruction including:
Single Notes, Hand Effects, Bending, Breathing; Jamming Techniques
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Lots of Extras: Repairs and Maintenance, Discussion Forums, Mics and Amps section, Chromatic Harmonica Lessons, Music Theory, Types of Harmonicas, Terms & Definitionsgreen arrowgreen arrowgreen arrow
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Beginner Book

"Harmonica: Beginners Start Here"
 PDF eBook - by Dave Gage

Anyone can learn to play harmonica when you download this Dave Gage absolute beginner 90-page eBook. Use it on your smart phone, computer, or tablet device. Clear, concise explanations for beginners of all ages. No prior music experience is necessary. A paperback book version w/harmonica package is also available.

Includes: Techniques, tips, lessons plans, simple blues jamming, and 10 Easy Songs. Plus, 90-day web access for accompanying song and riff example files and a FREE 7-Day Trial Membership at (Note: This book is included free with a Year Membership.)

1-on-1 Private Harmonica Lesson

Learn fast and solve playing problems quickly with a "live" 30 minute one-on-one private harmonica lesson with pro harmonica instructor Dave Gage (or Phone Lesson if you can't do video). You can live anywhere in the world and still do an online harmonica lesson with Dave.

Beginner thru Advanced levels: Dave has over thirty years of playing and teaching experience to help beginners get started properly or help players of any level resolve technique, theory, and general playing issues. (Note: One private lesson is included free with a Year Membership.)

Dave Teaching

Sample Video
"Beginner Harmonica Lessons"
"Advanced Harmonica Tips"

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