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Use our "Live, Online Harmonica Classes" (FREE for all current Members) for specific help and questions with your harmonica playing. The text based forums are no longer active.

VIDEO: Forum Members
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"Because of the online classes, I can now play in three positions, bend a few notes, play blues, and, bluegrass, and I'm beginning to have an instinct for learning new tunes by ear."
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"I've been attending the live online harmonica classes since I joined and do about 2 a week. I've made great improvement in my playing in the last 6 months."

VIDEO: Members Performing Live
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Mimi has been playing harmonica for about a year and has taken private and group lessons with Dave Gage.
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Hear him use both the 2nd Position Blues Scale and the Country Scales and lots of bent notes.
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Cary attends at least one harmonica class a week with Dave Gage. He has gained the skill and confidence in his playing in less than a year to jam with numerous bands.

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Member & website contributor Marc Silverstein, does a medley of some of his most popular renditions of Ragtime music. Recorded live at the Sacramento Jazz Festival May 2011.
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Bluegrass style harmonica played in 3rd Position on a key of "C" diatonic in "D minor".
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This song is in the key of "G" and Brody age 9, is playing on a key of "C" diatonic and using the 2nd Position Country Scale to jam along in "G".

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