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Current members of HarmonicaLessons.com can take a live, interactive harmonica class. You can participate via text chat and for some classes, you can also be involved if you have a mic and video camera. The class topics vary greatly and span from absolute beginning level to advanced level players.

VIDEO CLIPS:  Harmonica Lessons for Beginners
Watch some short excerts from our live online classes. The 4th video is a "Full-Length Online Harmonica Class" where you'll see members interact with Dave as he gives helpful critiques to their playing.

Class Features:
Checkmark image4 Live, Interactive Video Harmonica Classes Every MONTH!
Checkmark imageReal-time Questions and Answers.
Checkmark imageClasses taught by Dave Gage -- Pro player and instructor for over 30 years.
Checkmark imageFREE with any Membership.
Checkmark image"Playing Critiques" and "Bending Workshops".
Checkmark imageA fraction of the cost of in-person harmonica classes.
Checkmark imageAttend as many classes as you want.
Checkmark imageUse any computer web browser or Mobile Device to attend classes.
Checkmark imageClick here for the -Class Schedule-

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