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  • Use the "Signup" button below to setup the new membership.

  • Add your own email address when it is requested (so you receive confirmation of completed membership signup -- we're guessing it's a surprise gift). Create a Username and Password for the recipient. They can change any of this information, at anytime, once within the site or by emailing us directly. If you would like the name on the account changed after signup and payment is complete, see the next item.

  • Send us an email if you would like the gift Membership to begin on a special date (like December 25 or January 1). Use the Contact Us page to send us an email.

  • Visit our Harmonica Store if would also like to pickup a harmonica or accessories (this would be a separate transaction).

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    Major Benefits of Membership Include:

  • Video Instruction: 45+ Hours of Video Lessons. Watch as many times as you want.
  • Live, Online Classes: Attend up to 12 Online Classes Each Month.
  • Blues, Folk, Rock, Country: All Styles & Levels Thru Advanced.
  • Perfect Instruction for Kids, Seniors, and anyone in-between: Simple clear explanations that will work for all ages.
  • Beginners Section: Lessons Plans, Which Harmonica to Buy (and why), Beginner Shortcuts, When to use 1st and 2nd Positions, Easy How-to-Play Video
  • Learning from Dave Gage: 30 Year Teaching Pro. Founder of and
  • Songs and Riffs: 190 Most Popular, Requested Songs & Tabs.
  • Learn to Jam/Play Blues Harmonica: Blues riffs and scales. Learn to play "Target Notes" over chord changes.
  • In-Depth Technique Instruction including: Single Notes, Hand Effects, Bending, Breathing; Jamming Techniques like: Warbles, Slides, Drop-offs, Tonguing; Advanced Techniques like: Tongue Blocking, Throat Vibrato, How to Play Fast, and Tongue Switching.
  • Chromatic Harmonica: Techniques, Songs, Scales, Improvising, Music Theory, and more.
  • Learn more about Membership Features and Benefits: "Everything you need in one place" -- Video, Text, Audio, Live Classes. Click here to Learn More about Membership Features and Benefits.

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