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Posted by JC on January 15, 2003 at 18:21:13:

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Like many things it's largely a matter of preference. I have 9 Suzuki Pro Masters (one valved), a Suzuki Bluesmaster, and a couple dozen various others including (but not limited to) MBs, Special 20s, Bluesmasters (both MS and non-MS), Golden Melody, a Hohner 2000 Limited Edition, a Johnson, and a bunch of others.

The only ones I will play with are the Pro Masters (with the exception of the valved one, I don;t care for it). They have a great look, a solid feel, and the most beautiful tone of the lot.

I also base this on the style that I predominantly play which is lyrical melodies. I haven't really gotten into the blues or cross-harp stuff yet. I really like the third position sound (try "El-Shaddai" sometime and you'll know what I mean). I will say that the ProMasters seem very hard to bend, so if you want a more bluesy style you might want to look into something else.


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