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Posted by Jeremy Steinberg on January 15, 2003 at 07:34:14:

In Reply to: Re: Holton Slide Oil posted by JC on January 10, 2003 at 21:01:25:

: : *Sigh*...this is definitely not for harmonicas...$5 down the drain because I don't look before I buy..sorry for posting

: Just in case anyone is curious, this is for a Trombone slide...

Hello -
Some professional chromatic harp players (, for example) recommend either vaseline for the mouthpiece, or a bit of water for the slide. I've tried a few drops of trumpet valve oil for the slide, and found that saliva works better. Just practice a standard full diatonic scale (you can play it without using the slide) for a few minutes. It's great practice in general, and after a few minutes of getting your saliva through the mouthpiece, and onto the slide, you should have no problem. It works for me, anyway.

Regards, Jeremy c/o

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