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Posted by Slim Jim on January 08, 2003 at 08:39:30:

In Reply to: need help bending and other posted by Jimmy k on January 08, 2003 at 03:52:13:

: i just started playin 3 weeks ago. i'm playing a lee oskar keyed C. i cant get this to bend at all. does the tonguing effect have anything to do with bending. i guess what i'm tryin to ask is does the harmonica roll off the tong. or is it a air flow thing.????

: 2nd. the tong blocking method. when you have the harmonica in your mouth do you use the center part of your tong or more towards the tip of your tong ????
: thanks to anyone that can help.

Let me see if I can shed some light for you,For some built in reason,thinner reeds or such an 'A' harp will bend easier for you.So if you can go shop one up on this site,if not then don't sweat it cos all rules apply to all keys anyway. At your stage you should be learning to play single notes,draw and blow with no bends till you have them down tight. Once there tho, bend are all about air flow from your diaphragm (down by the top of your belly),shaped by your mouth, tongue, and throat. Shape the bend by directing the air flow. to understand this try saying EEE,OOO,KEE,KOO, while drawing in on the "6" hole. This should produce four seperate bend steps after or below the unbent draw note. Practice them up and down till you feel confident and the move to other holes. Not all holes will have four bends in them but will have at least two draw bends. Tongue blocking will be with the tip of your tongue using only enough to cos the block, it's not a lick, just a touch. For now tho save learning tongue technics till you have single note playing, bending,and moving around the harp down. As you start to learn cords and cord rhythems you'll begin to develope tongue block playing. I hope this helps you ,there are plenty of instructional material here on this site you should invest in some in the long run it may be the best thing you do to improve your playing. Good luck to you,Practice, practice,practice, Slim Jim

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