basic chromatic questions

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Posted by eddie on January 21, 2003 at 09:40:30:

I have been playing blues harp for a little over a year,and I am thinking of getting a chromatic. I have been looking into them pretty hard, but it just seems to get more confusing. I like the idea of having a full chromatic scale, but I understand that chromatics are a lot harder to bend notes on. However, if I understand the use of the slide correctly, it allows you to bend any note up a half step whenever you push it in, so why wouldn't that help out a lot when playing the blues?...I can say from playing digital keyboards that I prefer to bend notes up rather than down, but whenever the subject of bending notes on a chromatic comes up, the word that I always hear is that bending is harder and playing the blues is harder.

Also, I understand that chromatics are larger and thicker harps. I don't think that this would bother me, as I have played Hohner Big Rivers and Blues Harps, and while I could feel the size difference, it did not affect my playing.

Also, what would be a good first chromatic for a guy who has very little money?

Thanks for your time, Eddie.

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