special 20, THE newbie harmonica of choice?

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Posted by dmanrevived on January 18, 2003 at 17:31:36:

I've finally decided that I want to take up harmonica playing. I have about 10 years of music background on violin and bass guitar, so I won't be having problems with note-reading and such. I'm just not sure about which harmonica to get. I see that this site suggests the Hohner Special 20 and the Lee Oskar one, but my local music store only has the special 20 along with a few other Hohners. I know that the site says the special 20 is great and all, but we all know sometimes the players themselves have different opinions. Do you guys really think the special 20 is a good newbie harmonica? Thanks. And while I won't be getting lessons, would it be better to buy a book to learn from or does the internet pretty much teaches everything?

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