Hall of Fame Supporters

The following people made a payment of $50 to support Harmonica Lessons.com and became honorary members before official site membership was established. Their help and support kept this website up and going and allowed it to become what it is today. A double-asterik (**) by a name indicates a contribution of more than $50. A thank you goes out to all of our past supporters that made a payment of any amount and special thanks to all the players listed below:

Cameron Sanders
Laurence A. Somers
Billy Frye
Enrique Fernandez-Jaquete
Steve Radez**
Steve Radez**
Steve Radez**
Steve Radez**
Craig Chesnut
Dr. Malcolm Miller
Marc Silverstein
Elliot King
Daniel Mikowski Hun
Stan Russel
Dutch Martin
Ben Harrison
Tom Griep
Dick Robinson
Darryn A. Martin
Mark Nolan
Darol Murphy (Bluzharper)
Barry Bustillo
John Karp
Dave Curlender
Liz Rudnick
Don Davis
Attila Balas
Michael Hurwitz
Richard Runst

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