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Posted by Jeremy Steinberg on January 20, 2003 at 17:38:00:

In Reply to: Hohner Chromonica II deluxe posted by Peter on January 20, 2003 at 12:17:55:

: While cleaning up my mothers attic I found this old harmonica that was probably my grandfathers many years ago. It's a hohner Chromonica 2 deluxe. Since I just started out playing myself I wondered about the history of this instrument. Does anybody know more about this type?
: When I draw it's like I'm sucking 50 yr old dust into my longes, Is there any way i can clean it?

Hello Peter -

If memory serves correct, this is not a standard Hohner chromatic, but one with curved ends, that flare further out as they come towards the face you play on. Kind of an art deco appearance. The key on the right is not the standard slide-and-button combination, but shaped to look like the end on the left, so in effect, both ends look the same. And it comes in a hinged case curved on both ends to match the shape of the harmonica -probably a hard shell red case.

The reed plates can be cleaned - and sterilized - but best done by a professional, if you don't have experience with it. A guy named Bill Romel (Las Vegas) does it. So does John Infande, I think, of Florida. You can find them both on the Internet with a good search engine. Good luck.

Regards, Jeremy c/o

: greetings, Peter

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