Beginning Level Songs

Welcome to the Beginning Level songs section. Many more songs are available in the Songs & Tabs section. The songs in the Kids section are especially good for those just starting out.


Blowing in the Wind
Home on the Range
Love Me Tender (Aura Lee)
Major Scale
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Oh Susanna
  • Start with the "Major Scale" or "Mary Had a Little Lamb"- Pick one of these beginning level songs/scales and slowly read and play through it 3-5 times to get a feel for the melody. We're not going for perfection yet, we just want the melody to be recognizable.

  • Commit it to memory- Once you've accomplished the above, look away from the song and then try to do it from memory. When you have committed it to memory, slow down and focus on your basic techniques. Play it correctly as many times as you can before moving on.

    Beginner's Shortcut
    Don't worry about playing perfect single
    notes . . .

    If you are just getting started, don't worry too much about playing perfect single notes. Have some fun with the songs first, try to commit them to memory, and then you can go back and slowly practice the melodies with clean, clear single notes. After that, you can incorporate other techniques like hand effects, slides, chording, and others.

    (View all Beginner's Shortcuts)

  • Sample Video
    "Beginner Harmonica Lessons"
    "Advanced Harmonica Tips"

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