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The Brothers Gage Video Page

Here are some performance videos of the harmonica playing duo, The Brothers Gage. Both brothers started playing harmonica when they were 5 years old and learned from their father, Dave Gage. Aside from playing harmonica, Brody also sings, plays drums/percussion, and guitar. Alex, who is two years older, also sings and plays guitar, bass guitar, standup bass, and keyboards.

Video: "Brody & Alex - Local Talent Show"
Click to Play Video Performing live at a local Talent Show on 10/18/13. Brody, 8 years old, is playing harmonica and his brother Alex, 10 years old, is playing guitar and singing.
This song is in the key of "G" and Brody is playing on a key of "C" diatonic and using the 2nd Position Country Scale to play along in "G".

Video: Alex: 6-Year Old Harmonica Player
Click to Play Video Hear him use both the 2nd Position Blues Scale and the Country Scales and lots of bent notes.

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