Most Requested Songs Keyed

This section contains a listing of songs "keyed" so that you will be able to jam to them. The CDs can be purchased through our Store: Buy Music CDs page. The box below lists titles that have been "keyed" in the Members Area.

Most Requested Songs
  • Rolling Stones- "Midnight Rambler"
  • Black Sabbath- "The Wizard"
  • Blackfoot- "Train, Train"
  • Hanson- "If Only"
  • Lovin' Spoonful- "Night Owl Blues"
  • Rolling Stones- "Miss You"
  • Canned Heat- "On the Road Again"
  • Dave Matthews- "What Would You Say"
  • John Mayall- "Room to Move"
  • Billy Joel- "Piano Man"
  • J. Geils Band- "Whammer Jammer"
  • Clint Black "State of Mind"
  • Doobie Brothers- "Long Train Runnin"

    • What does "keyed" mean?- If you take a particular song or album and determine the key it is played in, it is considered "keyed". This will then allow the player to choose the correct key of diatonic harmonica to jam to the song with.

    • Basic Blues Improv Section- Refer to the Basic Blues Improv section for information and methods on how to play along with the music.

    • Standard diatonic harmonica played in the 2nd position- Unless otherwise noted, all harmonica on these albums is done on a standard diatonic harmonica played in the 2nd position (cross harp).

    • Not all songs or albums listed have harmonica on them- If you're already familar with the music, there is no reason for you not to add harmonica to it. Initially, the easiest albums to play along with would be the standard blues, country, and folk records.

    • 'Recommended for Beginners' Albums- As your skill level continues to increase, try to copy or mimic the sounds and solos of your favorite harmonica players. Visit the "Recommended For Beginners" music CDs section of our Store for suggestions on players and CDs to listen to. Most of the albums are keyed in this section.

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