Short Stories

Harmonica visitors submit fiction or non-fiction short stories based on experiences that involve the harmonica or harmonica playing. If you would like to have a short story included in our collection, please note the procedures for submission in the bullet points on the Short Stories main page.

"Ode to the Harp"

I bought myself a harp to blow away
the blues
I played it hard and bent it down to
to sound like those great dudes
I use this site for good advise on
bending, scales and songs
They help to keep me on the track
when things are going wrong
So take up your position second
third or straight
Make new friends around the world
like Patrick, Bluz and Nate
Choose a key unlock the sounds
hidden deep within
Give it some vibrato make that
harmonica sing
Remember, when god rested he
listened to the blues
He gave us life to play it
and the soul to join in to

Nick Richmond

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