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Crossword Puzzle: "Small"

Below is a crossword puzzle that will test your knowledge of the information found on this site. Feel free to use the Term & Defintions page and other sections of the site to determine the answers.

    How to Play

  • First, select a DOWN or ACROSS clue from the top pull down menu- Then choose the 'matching word' from the center pull down menu below it. If you think you have the correct word, click on the SUBMIT GUESS button. If you are correct, the word will appear. If not, try again.

  • "Redraw Screen" button is provided in case a letter does not get drawn- The "Redraw Screen" button is provided in case a letter does not get drawn (that only happens on occasion). Depending on your platform and browser, the numbers may or may not disappear when a letter appears. Good luck.

SAMPLE VIDEO:  Harmonica Lessons for Beginners
A simple playing tip to speed up your movement and add accuracy in single notes.
In this excerpt, Dave discusses some of the reasons for playing in either 1st Position or 2nd Position.

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