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  • Hello,
    I have been playing keyboards for several years, and the other day while listening to U2, I decided that I wanted to learn to play the harmonica...I am bored what can I say?! I told my wife that I was going to go to eBay and get me a harp and start playing...or blowing anyway.

    I then ran across your all I can say! I felt like I hit the gold mine! Everything I could possibly imagine to want to know....and it's all here! I will be purchasing a harp in the next day or so, after I read your suggestions etc. I want to thank you for making this information available. It is the true "spirit" of the Internet that shows through your dedication and willingness to share with others your help!
    Have a great day!,
    -=Daron D. Sneed=-

  • I am a 43 yr. old guy who for as long as I can recall, have thought the sound of the harmonica to be soul stirring. I'd mention to my wife when I'd hear great harp playing..."gosh, I wish i could do that!" I have purchased cheap harmonicas and she even bought me a couple of different keyed ones for Xmas and so now i feel the need to learn it. I've been "noodling around" with them to blues albums and to a local blues radio station, but feel like I need some real instruction rather than just trying to play around with it. Your site looks like I have found what I came looking for. Hope to be making some purchases and be on my way to harp heaven!!!!
    Keep on keepin' on!,
    Jack R.

  • I just got a harmonica for Christmas. The thought of learning to play hadn't even occurred to me, but I suddenly am very excited about it. I stumbled on to your site yesterday and I am outstanded! I plan to buy some stuff from you in the future (I have a cheap $4 harmonica) and wish to thank you deeply for the help. I am in this for the long haul, and I'm glad you guys will be there the whole way.
    Jordan Bartlow, 15

  • I just wanted to let the people at know that their services do not go unappreciated. I played the guitar since about third grade. I'm 32 now. However, 7 years ago I broke my neck and am now paralyzed from the chest down. I can still move my arms around but my fingers do not move at all. Needless to say, playing guitar is a thing of the past (Is that a violin I hear?). But playing harp is a thing of the present. Your lesson plans, instruction, midi examples, message board, and links have rekindled that musical flame that I had forgotten about. I'm glad I found this well organized site and not another one that may have frustrated me to quit. Thank you for giving me a life long friendÉthe harmonica. I ask everyone to financially support this site. (View original Message Board post)

  • I give up. I can't fight it anymore. This site is just so damn helpful, and the new content so worthy, that I finally had to admit I need to contribute to the cause. I would like to encourage others who have not taken the plunge to consider helping out this site with a payment equal to a new harp, book or tape. If you thought about it, you'd probably pay more than that to have access to this wealth of information, if it came down to it. Think about what this site is worth to you and where your playing would be without it. Do what feels right. (View original Message Board post)
    Getting off the soapbox,

  • Please sign me up. I'm looking forward to being one of your students. Truly amazing site, really opening me up to the world of a most glorious instrument.
    Thank You

  • I thankfully stumbled upon your web site at the begining of the week, since then I've had the most awfull trouble trying to pull myself away. My brother had not long ago presented me with a Hohner Blues Harp in C, I before now had never considered playing Harmonica and to be honest when I fist tryed my hand at it, I made a right bulls up of it. Your website however has been an absolute god send and I'm very glad to say I'm coming on in leaps and bounds. Thank you again.
    Bleeding Gums Noble.
    Nottingham, England

  • You have created a truly amazing web site. Thanks a million.
    Mark and Terri

  • Hi all,
    I wanted to say that your website is the best I've found, for anything to do with harmonica. I've spent two days on your website now, and have much more to read and learn. I just couldn't find myself again until I found your website, wow! I learned how to play by ear, but with your website it shows me that their's much more than that. Keep up the great work you do, to keep your site up and running, man what a job you've done on it.
    Keep On Harpin',
    Johnny "B" Hubbs

  • I bought a Lee Oskar harp and was trying to figure out what in the wide-wide-world of sports they were trying to say in the insert when I thought I would go on the web and look for help. To make a long story short, I've been checking out the site for an hour and I expect to sit here long enough to print out my first twenty or so pages of my new harp "instruction book." Hope I don't run out of ink! I can't imagine anyone but James Cotton not being able to learn something from this site. At least now James has a place to find and buy good harp CD's!

  • Just had to say hello. I've been trying to pick out Springsteen riffs for a few years now, I drive a truck and get lots of time to practice. Through luck and perseverance, I learned to play the odd tune and bend some notes. The point is, I stumbled onto this site a couple of nights ago and I wish I had gotten here sooner, it's funny how much I can play while getting most of the basics wrong. I've learned more in the past two days than the last five years. I've printed off about 50 pages to take with me, God knows if I'll get any work done. Thanks for the great site, I'm going to be a regular from now on.

  • Just wanted to say thanks for providing such an awesome site. You're now my official Heros.

  • Hi,
    Oh my god,what a great site!!! I found it doing a search for harp lessons. This web site is the best I have gone to. I was playing in just a matter of minutes. Playing one hole at a time songs is ok, but the MIDI file and the chart for chords is what did me in. I was sounding awesome in no time....I'M HOOKED,THANKS TO YOU!!!!
    Thank you for this site,
    Joe Bailey

  • I use your Blues Improv as a wall paper on my work computer in the control house at the refinery. I work alone, so I can practice as much as I want. I really enjoy your site and have learned much from it. Thank you for your kindness, and allowing me the chance to help others on the Message Board.
    Thanks for helping keep the Blues alive,
    Darol (aka Bluzharper)

  • I'm a 21year father of one, and I received a harmonica as a gift for Christmas, just as a gag. I took an interest even though it seemed to be impossible. I have just been able to try the song that came with the instrument. The one thing that always make me try is my 1yr. old daughter. She lights up when she hears me on it, and I've always wanted to try other songs and I feel that a wonderful sight like this one is just what I need to learn blues and further my wonderful realtionship with my daughter. Though I may never become the great blues master I wish I could, it will become fun for me and my family.
    Nazario Valverde

  • I am a guitarist that works from home, who has always wanted to play the harp. I got one and a video, but I have to say, your site is doing more for me than the video ever thought about doing.
    Thanks so much for helping me,

  • Congratulations, my friends!
    I think I have never seen such an useful site before - though I am not an amatuer Net-user.
    M. Cs.
    Szeged, Hungary (CE-Europe)

  • Hi!
    It's a good site for someone who wants to learn harmonica. I 'll pass it on to my friends and let them explore the world of harmonica.
    Thank you very much,
    Jeff, Hong Kong

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