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  • Just wanted to send some positive feedback for a very attractive, well layed out and very informative site. I have been blowing harp for 15 yrs and found a lot of useful information. With some much appreciated help from Dave 'Hurricane' Heurl and your article on tongue blocking, I finally got it. I would like to share a little trick that helped. I used a small Korg digital tuner (with line in and a small built in mic) to check if I was playing the full octave.

    I have recently (1 year ago), taken up keyboard after a 20 year hiatus and just started learning dobro, but the the humble little harp will always be my friend and traveling companion. Thanks for keeping the tradition going and sharing the knowledge.
    Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada


  • Your site not only fueled my desire to learn and play my new harmonica, it has turned it into a obsession.
    Goodbye bye bagpipes, hello harmonica.

  • Thanks for a great site and sound information. Although I have studied and played for the past ten years I was able to learn new things. Great explanation of technique. I couldn't have said it better.

  • My name is Marc and I am living in Connecticut although I come from the Midwest and still have not gotten that out of me after 14 years here. Harmonica playing was a suggestion made to me by an arts therapist when I was recovering from a fairly serious stay in the loonie bin. I am manic-depressive and had a melt-down. At any rate, this guy used to come around on Thursdays to entertain all of us loonies with his guitar and harmonica. I am 51 and I know my fingers won't work around to play the fiddle like I would really like to do. He and I spoke about this and he ended up giving me a Hohner harmonica keyed to G. I also bought a cheap (bad investment) Hohner C.

    Lately I have had pneumonia and figure it's about time to give up smoking. One of the strategies I plan to use is to stick a harp in my mouth whenever I feel like a Marlboro. So, I ended up doing a search at (unequivocally one of the best search engines around) and found your site where I have just spent an hour and a half. "Thank you" does not even begin to express the gratitude I feel for the information freely accessible at your site.

    Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper once said that everyone has a little Elvis in them and I have carried that with me ever since I heard it. You not only have Elvis, you have major Elvis. I will be back to your site and will be recommending it to other harp players as I meet them.

    Thank you once again for your efforts and for a clean, clear, easy-to-navigate site. You are the Elvisest.

  • I cannot tell you how great your site is. It is the easiest to use, the most informative, and the most fun music site I have seen. I play in a band and usually play guitars and banjo, but since finding your site our harmonica playing has become one of our most asked for things. We get better each time thanks to your site. I have never seen a harmonica book that can compare to your site. My daughter is now using your site to learn to play, I wish you could see the fun she is having with the harmonica. The latest upgrade is BEAUTIFUL, kudos to the designer!!!!!!!
    Thanks a MILLION for the fun!!!!!!!!!,
    David Dykstra

  • Folks, you've done a great job. Your site is accessible, intelligent, and well organized. I love all the information available.
    Neala Covell

  • My name is Wim and I'm from Belgium. I've got a harmonica (Big River Harp from Hohner) that had been in a drawer for more than five years. Two weeks ago I rather accidently found it as I was searching for something else in that drawer. I wondered if there was any info on the net about playing this harp. So I got on your webpages and since then the harmonica took my heart away! I play it at least an hour every day and enjoy it a lot! So by this mail I wanted to thank you for letting me discover the musical spirit and joy of the harp. Thanx a lot! All the best with your fantastic harmonica site!
    Kind regards,
    Meulebeke, Belgium

  • Having resigned myself to the fact that the harmonica is a "by the wayside" instrument, I never checked out the web. 2 stupid things so far! The web has a wealth of information on my favorite instrument. In particular Harmonica Lessons has done a wonderful job in making a complete, subtantial, useful and easy to navigate site for the harmonica player, novice to pro. Glad you're here Harmonica Lessons.
    I'll visit often,

  • I've been pretty flustered recently. I did some research and purchased a (Suzuki) harp mail-order only to find it didn't have the tone of another (Hohner 'blues') harp I'd heard. I began asking myself if these 'blues' harps used a blues scale rather than a major scale and if maybe I'd bought the wrong keys. I was pretty confused.

    Looking over your site, I realized that I made some correct choices by not getting a wooden harp and by selecting the key of C to begin with. Moreover, I found some music I could actually play! It really lifted my spirits.

  • What a great site for harp players. I've been tootling for over 10 years. Your clear, easy-to-follow instructions in the Advanced and Techniques sections are pure bliss. Looking forward to the Theory page when done. Thanx again!
    Keep blowin',
    Rob E.
    Bathurst, NSW, Australia

  • Thanks for the great resource. I found everything I needed to finally jam with Jimmy Reed!
    Rick Hobbs

  • I just wanted to say what a great site you have I come here all the time. I recommend people who come to my site with questions to all the time. I was playing harp, guitar and singing lead with my last group (no...not all at the same time:) I get a lot of great info on this site and you know how it goes...the more I learn the less I am sure I know. Keep up the great work.
    Joe P.
    Memphis, Tn.

  • This is the best web site we ever visited.
    Thanks a bunch,
    Don and Ruthie

  • Outstanding web site for beginners.
    Russell H.

  • Just wanted to add my thanks to y'all for developing this site, and also for your obvious commitment to continual enhancement of it. I have been playing (mostly fiddling around) harmonica all my life (over 62 years), but only recently developed interest in playing blues harp. I am currently using the Jerry Portnoy Masterclass instruction which is great, but the information on your site has also been a great help to me. It's slow going, but I'm progressing.
    Joe (Harpo)

  • I'd like to say thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you to who ever set up this site. You people are the greatest. I've learned so much in just a couple of visits.
    'gotta blow!

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