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  • Hey Whoever,
    This is a great site for the beginner through advanced players. I've been playing for over 25 years and found information on your site to be great knowledge refreshers. You are doing a great service to our "guild". Keep jamming with the site!
    PD Harper

  • Thanks very much.
    I've been learning from a book so far, and ran out of ideas as I ran out of pages. I thought I was good, but your site showed me just how much I have to learn. I'm finally starting to understand what I'm doing and thats just after five minutes browsing... Keep adding new stuff. I'll be back here regularly.
    Tony Porteous

  • I just got a marine band harmonica one month ago. I just came accross this site and reinforced what I've taught myself. I am only 13 and I can now Jam with any adult around! Thanks for helping me improve my skill!
    *Harmonica Boss (Tim)

  • First off, great site! Thank you for taking the time to put all this info together like this. I've played with the harmonica for about a year now and can make acceptable noise, but not much that I'm really comfortable with.. That being said, my 17 year old son is a great jazz player (alto/tenor/soprano sax, keys, and some trumpet and trombone.. and that's not just dad talking).. It's been one of my dreams to play with him on a gig someday.... He overheard me practicing the Peter Gunn theme a few days ago, gave me some tips on where to add some slides and drop offs, then talked his band into playing it during sound check at a gig last night with me sitting in. What a great Father's Day gift!
    Jim in Rochester

  • This is a great web page. The best one that I have found in a long time. Most things that try to teach you something expect you to know half of it already! But this site starts straight from the beginning. Now all I have to do is get good at it!
    Sam Woods

  • salutations!
    ah, my Pocket Pal now has purpose. thank you very much for making a great teaching site who's basis isn't to 'teach 3%, sell the rest for 19.95 with a major credit card.' i really appreciate the time you took, apparently out of the tenderness of your soul, to make this site. i'm 16, and currently very interested in folk music, and immensely appreciate what you've done / are doing. kudos.

  • I've been playing for about three weeks now and your website has been more help in 2 hours than my beginners book has been in three weeks. Go figure.

  • This is a great site with lots of good tips. The description of what makes a note bend was the best I've seen on any site (and I've seen a lot of strange attempts to explain it elsewhere on the Net).
    Thank you,

  • I am a 47 year old child who is learning guitar the right way and always wanted to be a singer. I purchased my "C" blues harp last week and just found your web site, thank you. I had no idea on how to play one. This is a great help.
    Calamity Jane

  • I'm 30 years old and have loved harmonica all my life. I just recently purchased my first harp and am slowly starting to play. I wanted to learn because I really enjoy blues harp and my Uncle enjoys bluegrass and I want to learn some so I can play it for him. The tips and info given have helped me a lot and I just want to say thank you for providing this site for all harp players.
    Thank you,
    Trev the Canadian

  • I am from New Delhi, India. India has a rich musical heritage, but you know as "The grass seems greener on the other side" I have developed this great affinity for western music. So I decided to learn the harmonica. In a country like India there is very little information available on the harmonica. But somehow I managed to find a school where I got to learn the basics. Then I visited your site and it really helped me to sharpen my skills. I must congratulate you for doing a great job by making this site. Keep up the good work.

    This the best site I have found so far.
    Thank you very much!

  • Thank You for putting together such a wonderful harmonica site. My girlfriend is just learning to play and I am recommending this site to her and anyone else who's interested. I play some myself and have fooled around with harps for years. I got more out of reading your pages than in one afternoon than I learned in many years on my own. There are many excellent tips and techincal explanations to be found here. I'm sure both the expert and beginner will find this site useful. I bookmarked it.
    Petaluma, CA

  • My father gave me a "64 Chromonica" almost 30 years ago. I used to take it camping, but I always felt it was too much work, and never really got into playing well. My boyfriend plays guitar and up until last year I would sit there and listen to him. So one day I bought a cross harp and started jamming with him. Since then I have purchased a Blues Harp and a Golden Melody. I went to the library and took out a book and video they had, and I found both of them useless. This morning I found your site and now I have the info I need to put it all together. What a wonderful place to visit.
    Thank you for your "Great Site",
    Sacramento, CA

  • I remember being transfixed the very first time I heard blues music at the age of 5 or 6. It touched something deep inside me and I've never lost that connection 30 or so years later...THANK GOD!! I made several attempts at various instruments over the years so I could feel that "blues connection" but the rules of music seemed to inflexible and required way too much discipline. I finally bought my first Hohner harmonica about six months ago and grilled every musically inclined person I could find about how to play the harp. I finally ran across your site three months ago. Your method is so simple to understand, the progress I've made is incredible. I was at a friends house the other day and was showing him my progress by playing a Willie Dixon song I had just learned when his house keeper came into the room. With teary eyes she hugged me and said she hadn't felt that much passion come through a blues instrument since she was a little girl growing up on the Delta! What a rush that was for me. The funny part is, I haven't been able to hit a single note or get a good bend since then! I'm on my way back to the beginners page and get back to the basics. Thanks for giving me a deeper connection to the blues. Keep bending 'em!
    "Still Tryin'",
    Cleveland, Ohio

  • I teach students once in a while on harmonica and this is a great follow up/practice reference to point them to after a lesson. Thanks!!!
    Louisiana Dan Utter

  • I purchased a Blues Band for $6 in Florida on my vacation a year ago. With the little paper that comes with it I learned to play "When the saints go marching in". I have surfed the net since then picking up tips here and there, but came across yours a while ago and found it to be excellent. Since a year ago I have purchased some better quality harps then the old Blues Band, and thanks to your tips I have nailed the bending and improved my breathing by a mile. Great site, You should feature some sound files of yourselves that the rest of us can jam to and pick up some good riffs from.
    Thank you,
    Toronto, Ontario. Canada

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