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This is a very big website. In order to use it effectively and efficiently, read through the following suggestions on how to get the most out of your time spent here at
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section- "We thought you might ask that"... Check out our FAQ's section for any questions you might have that weren't answered here. It offers additional answers with categories like: "Beginning Questions", "Harmonica Types", "Harmonica Purchases", and others.

  • Need Someone to Talk To?- Members are welcome to use our Live Online Classes. You're not the only one that finds playing harmonica is a bit more difficult than it looks. Will the bending ever come? You're not alone.

  • Travel Through and Discover Harmonica Take a look around the entire site before settling in to one section. Read through this entire "Beginners Start Here" section first, and then browse the whole site and see what else is available. The next time you have a problem or question, you will know exactly where to go for specific information.

    Site Map page- You should also take a look at the Site Map page for a great overview of the entire site. Whatever you're looking for, it's probably here.

  • Member Area and non-member Samples Area- Quite a bit of information is available free for everyone to use, but the major portion of information and instruction is contained within the Members Area. If you encounter a page that is exclusive to Harmonica members, you can use your back button to return to the previous page or better yet, you can join and have complete access to that section and many others. A complete listing of the "Free Area" vs. the "Members Area" is available on the Member Benefits page.

  • Lesson Plans- There is a ton of information available on this site. To help our members focus in on what should be done first, second, third, etc., visit the Lesson Plans section. It gives you a week by week outline of what you should do to improve your playing in a very orderly fashion.

  • Beginner's Shortcuts- Added to the top of many technique and information sections, the 'Beginner's Shortcut' is a convenience for members starting out that don't want or need complete descriptions and detailed explanations of the different techniques and instructions. Click here for all 'Beginner's Shortcuts'.

Here's some additional information that is Good To Know. For instance, we may not be able to get together with you in person and give you a private lesson, but we can supply you with some tips to help you find someone in your area that can.

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