Musicians friends got order wrong twice

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Posted by Norman on April 27, 2002 at 07:06:55:

You have a great site but I was most disappointed with Musicians Friend.

I ordered the Lee Oskar Major C harmonica from them.

The box I got was labelled C but it contained a 2nd G harmonica.

I returned it to them with an expanatory letter and asked them to check they box contained the RIGHT harmonica next time.

Guess what, I got ANOTHER 2nd G. Maybe they just sent the same box back.

I called customer sevice again and was told that it is illegal for them to open a box to check it contains what the outside label says it contains!
This sounds ridiculous to me. How could they check their inventory and what about retail stores. Don't people ever open boxes to look at the product there?

I was assured by the young lady that there were different laws for retail stores and THEY are not allowed BY LAW from opening a box to see what it contains or, I assume, to see if a product is faulty.

Anyway, I gave up in disgust and returned it for a full refund. I'll never buy from them again.

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