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Posted by Webmaster- Harmonica on January 06, 2001 at 03:07:53:


PLEASE NOTE- What follows is the explanation for why some "Tabs" are legally available for free on the Net and others are not:

1. The Harry Fox Agency and others claim posting of tabs is illegal, regardless of how used. We think, however, that there are certain types of tabs that are not, and also there are certain uses for tabs that are probably not illegal. These issues have never been determined in a court of law, because it is too expensive to fight HFA and others. Buying books that have the tab for Dylan, Blues Traveler, etc. is fine because the writers and publishers of the songs are compensated with each sale.

2. Many of the major (high profile) guitar tab sites have been closed down by either BMI, ASCAP, or the Harry Fox Agency (HFA) for copyright infringement. The few that remain are in lawsuits or haven't been discovered yet (VISIT- -read the "Old News" at the bottom of the page)

3. The reason you see "Oh Susannah", "Three Blind Mice", Christmas songs, etc. around, is because they are considered public domain and are free for anyone to use (

We will put what we can on this site, but in lieu of being closed down, we will remove whatever is in dispute by any of the agencies listed above.

Visit the Harmonica Tabs page.

Keep Playing,


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