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Posted by Bill Phelb on May 21, 2001 at 01:38:18:

In Reply to: Neil Young Tabs posted by neilharpblues on May 19, 2001 at 10:31:33:

I think what this site said is right on. You need to do this kind of stuff yourself, or you will never get better on the harmonica. It's hard at first but it after the first few tabs it gets easy. Start fwith Young or Dylan. Don't start with John Popper, you could hurt yoursellf.


: Oh no not again, you're probably thinking. But I bought my first harp yesterday and cannot find anything anywhere on the web with tabs for Neil Young harp solos EXCEPT Heart of Gold (and one for Harvest Moon which didn't really sound right to my untrained ear).

: I read the note on this site about the legality/copyright problems with TABs. But the fact is that guitar tabs do exist for Neil's stuff - at Hyperrust etc - and much of it sounds better than the songbook stuff. But only HoGold for harmonica.

: Yet everywhere you see posts like mine asking for Neil tabs.

: What I want to be able to do is play harp bits to go with Ambulance Blues and Motion Pictures on guitar, Mellow My Mind on piano etc etc.

: So can anyone help? I'm quite happy to pay a modest amount if that's the issue. I don't want just the song melody - which I guess I can work out from the songbook sheet music - but the actual harp parts or approximations of them. I'd even be happy to try to start a web page up so you harp experts don't have to put up with these regular bleatings from people like me about the lack of Neil stuff. But I need some offerings to put on it.

: The only thing I can offer at the mo in exchange is the melody for Borrowed Tune which I worked out and I think goes: 6B 6B 5D 5B 4B 4D 4D
: 5D 5D 5B 4B 3B (repeat ad nauseam - it doesn't cover the 'F' note as in Rolling Stones 'cos that isn't on my C harmonica.)

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