Is it me or is it my new Lee Oskar?

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Posted by LarryA on July 03, 2001 at 15:11:14:

Please help me clarify something. I just bought two Lee Oskar diatonics in the keys of A and D ("straight" keys). The 2 draw note on the A sounds very weak no matter how I draw on it. The 10 hole is weak or even flat on the blow and draw. Now the 2 draw on the D is nice and loud and clear. The 10 is very hard to blow or draw and sounds flat when played with surrounding notes. I have played around with Marine Bands off and on since the days of the Tony Glover book. I am not a complete novice. Is this just a characteristic of this brand in these keys or are both my harps defective? The receipt that came with them from Farrel's clearly states that they will not handle complaints. So I want some advice before I go to the manufacturer and have to prepay shipping charges.

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