How do you spend your practice time......

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Posted by Dave B.... on November 14, 2002 at 13:22:49:

I was wondering if people will sit down and spend a lot of time on only a few things or do you just spend a little bit of time on a lot of different things?????

I've been at for several months now. I practice for about 45min-hr/day-----most of it in the car. Most of the time I just find myself spending a few minutes on something...then changing to something else. On the way in to work today for example.....I spent about 10 minutes playing along with John Glindicks tape following what he's saying. Then I shut off the voice part of the tape and just jammed to the rythm track for about another 10 minutes. Then I practiced riffs for about 5 minutes.....another 5 minutes practicing note bending.......then I took out the A harp and tried playing along with the Yardbirds "Smokestack Lighting" for a few minutes. Then another 5 minutes
on riffs again. I'm just wondering if it's better to practice this way or to just spend 30-40 minutes working on one thing.....................Thx--Dave

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