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Posted by noob on November 14, 2002 at 16:43:04:

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firstly, i would say, when you pick up a harmonica, dont think about it too much, just play or practice the first thing that comes to your head. Aswell as that just think about what techniques you think you are good at and which ones are a bit dodgy, spend more time on the dodgy ones.

and what the hell is it with all these people who say they practice in the car?? how the hell do you drive when you are playing a freakin harp?!?

: Good ? Dave. This should be interesting to here a few others' practice techniques.

: I'm starting to refine my practice time now after several months of just playing till tired and that I know now some things I like to work on. It generally goes something like this...

: 15-20 min of straight chugging riffs - for rhythm

: 10-15min of technique practice. Wrm up generally. Bending, tonging, simple riffing

: 45-hr of learning new songs and riff refinement. Or (since I'm starting from ground up) studying music theory.

: Lastly - 1) playing along with Jam trax, or other artists. OR 2) working on my own pieces, song structure. Usually do this till I wear out.

: I also take sufficient breaks in between these. And often get MUCH practice in the car with jam tracks or simple riffing. It's good IMHO to change up riffs or chugs so that it keeps it fresh when getting back to it. But as a general rule of thumb it's good to limit these to no more than about 2 or 3. It'll cut down the time it takes you to get them down pat.

: I do all this cause I can't really afford to send myself to a week camp in Hawaii!

: Play on...
: -Kid

: : I was wondering if people will sit down and spend a lot of time on only a few things or do you just spend a little bit of time on a lot of different things?????

: : I've been at for several months now. I practice for about 45min-hr/day-----most of it in the car. Most of the time I just find myself spending a few minutes on something...then changing to something else. On the way in to work today for example.....I spent about 10 minutes playing along with John Glindicks tape following what he's saying. Then I shut off the voice part of the tape and just jammed to the rythm track for about another 10 minutes. Then I practiced riffs for about 5 minutes.....another 5 minutes practicing note bending.......then I took out the A harp and tried playing along with the Yardbirds "Smokestack Lighting" for a few minutes. Then another 5 minutes
: : on riffs again. I'm just wondering if it's better to practice this way or to just spend 30-40 minutes working on one thing.....................Thx--Dave

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