Introduction & a couple of questions....

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Posted by DaveB on July 22, 2002 at 15:54:15:

Hi--just wanted to introduce myself--I've been lurking over here for a couple of weeks and I've found quite
a few things that've helped out.
I just turned 50 last Dec. I decided it was time to stop just listening to music & start learning how to make it. I started playing guitar and I've been playing every day since I started--mostly blues---some rock. About a month ago I decided to pick up a harmonica. I work alone at night & while it'd be tough
to play a guitar here--I can easily go sit in the break room & get a little practice in on the harp.
I started with one of those standard "how-to" books
(somebody named Marcos). All the music in it's Mary had a little Lamb stuff which gets a boring real fast.
I found some more interesting things to practice
over here (I've got "Suicide is Painless....Heart of Gold... and "Love Me Do" riff down pretty good. I've progressed from sounding like a constipated cat to somethings that almost sounds like music in a month so I feel ok about that........anyway---couple of questions..
I find I'm having the same problems most newbies--trouble on certain holes---draw-2-7-8-9 etc......
Why no mention of hole #1-----I'll be damned if I can
get a clean sounding note from there....

Also--I like playing in the car......I notice a lot of others do to......being a newbie---will
this screw up my form--develop a bad habit?????------
----Thanks----Dave B

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