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Posted by SlipKid on July 23, 2002 at 00:08:08:

In Reply to: Introduction & a couple of questions.... posted by DaveB on July 22, 2002 at 15:54:15:

Hello Dave and welcome to the site. You've come to the right oak to reach that itch o' yours. Keep diggin around this little gold mine and your sure to find somethin' new. Not to mention a few good tips from the locals.

Playin' in the car? Heck, what harper hasn't?! Just be sure Johnny aint watching from the corner! However, breathing from the diaphram is a good habit to be consciouse of. And standing upright don't get you winded as quik either.

You have trouble hittin' that 1 hole? Try puttin' the entire corner of the harp in your mouth. Eat that note. Just the corner and not the end mind you. You may have to adjust your embouchure a bit, but it's there. Took me a while to find that 3rd hole on the A harp. But once I hit it, I made it a point to repeat it cleanly over and over. All about the muscle memory. I'm just learning here too but it's great to be able to share some commons with folks along the way.

Greetings Dave and keep mad harpin'

-the Kid

: Hi--just wanted to introduce myself--I've been lurking over here for a couple of weeks and I've found quite
: a few things that've helped out.
: I just turned 50 last Dec. I decided it was time to stop just listening to music & start learning how to make it. I started playing guitar and I've been playing every day since I started--mostly blues---some rock. About a month ago I decided to pick up a harmonica. I work alone at night & while it'd be tough
: to play a guitar here--I can easily go sit in the break room & get a little practice in on the harp.
: I started with one of those standard "how-to" books
: (somebody named Marcos). All the music in it's Mary had a little Lamb stuff which gets a boring real fast.
: I found some more interesting things to practice
: over here (I've got "Suicide is Painless....Heart of Gold... and "Love Me Do" riff down pretty good. I've progressed from sounding like a constipated cat to somethings that almost sounds like music in a month so I feel ok about that........anyway---couple of questions..
: I find I'm having the same problems most newbies--trouble on certain holes---draw-2-7-8-9 etc......
: Why no mention of hole #1-----I'll be damned if I can
: get a clean sounding note from there....

: Also--I like playing in the car......I notice a lot of others do to......being a newbie---will
: this screw up my form--develop a bad habit?????------
: ----Thanks----Dave B

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