Re: Question 'bout BluzHarpers Cupping technique

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Posted by Bluzharper on April 04, 2002 at 10:00:47:

In Reply to: Question 'bout BluzHarpers Cupping technique posted by Erik W. on April 04, 2002 at 08:45:00:

So I am curious about the blues Cupping technique. I see on the picture that Bluz holds the harp a lot different.

That is a Shure Unisphere 585 and its a big mic. Im 6'3" tall and have big hands. I was accused of eating the mic not playing Harmonica by someone in our local Blues Society when they first saw that picture. IMHO there is no set fast way to hold a mic. Everyones hands are different. Ive watched players do all kinds of tricks with there hands when holding mics. Effects? You bet, all kinds of them. Most if not all of my tone when playing amplified comes from that cup on that mic, and the seal I get. I can get an almost air tight seal when I want to and the tone comes screaming thru. That Big Fat Sax sound comes from a good seal as well as a Great Amp. One player in our area holds the harp almost vertical when playing, gets a cup and a good seal and sounds great, I still havent figured out how he does it.

The Best Way To Put It Is The Bigger The Cup Size The Better. Yea Baby ;>)

That photo is of my first Paid Gig as a Harp Player, back when in a local Beer Joint with a group called "The MidTowne Blues Band". Why the dark glasses? I got a look at myself in a mirror one time playing Harp and those glasses hide a lot of sin. Trust Me...

All the Best.......bluz

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