Question 'bout BluzHarpers Cupping technique

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Posted by Erik W. on April 04, 2002 at 08:45:00:

Allthough I am an old amateur Guitar-blues man I am a 3-month beginner on the harp. Blues-Harp players has been pretty rare in Denmark. - I have never seen one live actually. So I am curious about the blues Cupping technique. I see on the picture that Bluz holds the harp a lot different than its shown on this site.
I have 3 questions to the bluesharp-technique:

Is this the way to hold all mikes or is it only because of the big Shure-mike that its held like that?

Isnt the cup getting quita narrow that way - or is that the way it should be when playing blues?

Are hand-effects ever used when playing Chicago-blues, - if not - Not even a little bit of handeffects?

Best wishes
Erik W.

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