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Posted by Ray on April 05, 2002 at 15:22:33:

In Reply to: Home made Mike-solutions. posted by Erik W. on April 05, 2002 at 08:41:28:

: Actually I was inspired by Jon Gindick's "Rock ' Blues Harmonica" where he has a couple of brief but good chapters bout electric blues harmonica. He says that a beginner should look in the old stuff on garage-sales or in your own Cellar for old strange/bad mikes etc.
Check out e-bay. I bought an Astatic Lavalier mic with 20' cord for $6.75. Smaller than a Shaker and it sounds great. Also bought a 1970's Panasonic mic for $6.00 and that includes shipping!! Haven't received it yet so can't tell you how it sounds. My best cheap mike is a Calrad DM88 that I paid $17.50 and it sounds better than a CAD "Silver Bullet"(Same as Blues Blaster) that I have. It is also easier for me to get a tight cup with than the bullet. Like the earlier post suggests, Try a few different one's. You might get lucky and find a really great sounding mic for harp in an "off the wall" brand or type mic. Good luck.

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