Replacing the G harp with a Chromonica 64 in C?

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Posted by Erik W. on March 31, 2002 at 03:46:41:

I am about ready to get a complete set of Lee Oscar Diatonics so I have all the Keys to play the blues. But I also have an urge to get a Chromonica 64 (It is such a beauty:-)
This will be quite a lot of money so my question is: Can I save the bucks on the Diatonic G-harp for 2nd position D, and buy a C Chromonica 64 for playing 3rd position Slant harp in D? - My thought is that the G-harp is quite difficult to play as it is so terrible low, - so maybe it would be smart to use the energy to learn the Chrominca instead.
But can I play the same on a Chromonica as I can on the G-harp?

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