My G Lee Oskar Harp Sucks

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Posted by Jay on November 10, 2001 at 20:14:13:

The Web site is great, along with the store, but as a
3month beginner i think this site is wrong about the
lee oskar harp. I don't think its worth the money, as
the low end draws on my G sounds terrible. I don't want
to get the regulars on the site mad as i have gotten a
lot of information, but i just don't like the lee oskar.
I play on 3 Johnson's Blues for the first month, so i
know how a cheap harp plays. I than took this website
advise and bought a C & G in the L.O.'s. I bought the
Hohner Special 20 For the A thru E except C. I bought the
Hohner Golden Melody for all flats & F sharp. I love
both of the Hohner's. The lee Oskar's are too thick
for me as i like to shove to harp deep in my mouth.
Also i had to get used of the bigger holes. But my
biggest complaint is that they just don't sound good
on the draw on low end. It may be me, but my Hohners
sound good on low end draws and are easier to play.
I like to play along with Charlie McCoy Silver Wings
and some other songs of his which is played on low notes.
I am going to order the special 20's this week for C & G.
I don't think you can beat this harp for the price.
I also would like to thanks to "bluzharper" for all the
help he has given in his replys on this board. As
beginners, we have many questions, and without a personal
teacher, this site is the next best. Keep the harp alive.

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