Re: My G Lee Oskar Harp Sucks

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Posted by Bluz on November 11, 2001 at 06:24:37:

In Reply to: My G Lee Oskar Harp Sucks posted by Jay on November 10, 2001 at 20:14:13:

The lee Oskar's are too thick
: for me as i like to shove to harp deep in my mouth.
: Also i had to get used of the bigger holes. But my
: biggest complaint is that they just don't sound good

: I also would like to thanks to "bluzharper" for all the
: help he has given in his replys on this board. As
: beginners, we have many questions, and without a personal
: teacher, this site is the next best. Keep the harp alive.

You will notice that the thickness of the cover plates on Lee Oscars varies with the key of harp, its like the man said due to the length of the reed. I have found that SP 20s dont last very long when you get into serious playing and bending. I have yet to blow out a LO. Ive gone thru a box of 20s. When a reed goes south you can take off the cover plates and gently slide the end of the cover plate under the bad reed and using a sharp knife or a small file remove some of the metal on the top of the reed by scratching. This will raise the pitch and with a little luck, get it back in tune. I use LOs when I play thru a PA and go with 20s when Im using an amp. Lots of people say the LOs sound tinnier or brighter. I think its true. I think its like the ford, chevy, thing, both have their fans. One thing to keep in mind with this instrument, its the player, not the gear, not the name brand. I went to a seminar and checked out a fellow named MadCat Ruth, he was using a Huang Silvertone, about a $8 harp, and played the hell out of it. The more you play and listen, the better you get, its that simple..

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