Palm computer users... and a thought on 5th position

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Posted by Bill on August 08, 2001 at 23:02:57:

First off, for all who use a Palm OS handheld computer, I've got some advances playing tips, tricks, lessons available to view on the Palm (Pilot, III, Handspring....) Just request by email:

While listening to Satan & Adam's Living on the River CD, I was trying to play like Adam Gussow (sure I believe in miracles!).. I finally figured the first song "No More Doggin'" isn't played in cross harp, but 5th positon. That is: on a C harp, using E as the tonic note - The E blues (pentatonic scale is: E G A B D) This requires a full step bend on #3 draw - the 1/2 step Bb is a nice passing tone too - otherwise skip the F note (C can be used for texture here and there)... Some great blues can be done in this postion! I'm having fun with it and thought I should pass it on

If you have any questions on playing 5th postion (2nd, 3rd, or 4th for that matter) Just put your question to message board, and LEARN!

Having fun...still


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