Re: Palm computer users... and a thought on 5th position

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Posted by Bill on August 21, 2001 at 00:29:38:

In Reply to: Re: Palm computer users... and a thought on 5th position posted by brian on August 09, 2001 at 16:10:37:

: : First off, for all who use a Palm OS handheld computer, I've got some advances playing tips, tricks, lessons available to view on the Palm (Pilot, III, Handspring....) Just request by email:

: : While listening to Satan & Adam's Living on the River CD, I was trying to play like Adam Gussow (sure I believe in miracles!).. I finally figured the first song "No More Doggin'" isn't played in cross harp, but 5th positon. That is: on a C harp, using E as the tonic note - The E blues (pentatonic scale is: E G A B D) This requires a full step bend on #3 draw - the 1/2 step Bb is a nice passing tone too - otherwise skip the F note (C can be used for texture here and there)... Some great blues can be done in this postion! I'm having fun with it and thought I should pass it on

: : If you have any questions on playing 5th postion (2nd, 3rd, or 4th for that matter) Just put your question to message board, and LEARN!

: : Having fun...still

: : Bill
: :

: in response to your post about satan and adam. my favorite track on that cd is "pick up the pieces of my life". gussow wails some mean solos on it. am i correct that it's in 3rd pos on a D harp? i try to jam to it to no avail. i don't have 3rd pos. down yet. any tips on how to play that one? thanks.-BrianGreetings Brian,

The song Pick up the Pieces of My Life is played in 3rd position, but on an E harp (so in the key of F#).. If you get an E harp you'll find it fairly easy to pick up the basic riff: 6d 5d 4d 4d 4b 4d 5d 4d.... Hope this helps...


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