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Posted by Stan Besaw on June 01, 2001 at 01:54:16:

In Reply to: I need to KNOW more about Chromatic posted by Ruben Emmanuelli on May 31, 2001 at 20:59:55:

I hope you didn't buy this harmonica in error. And let me say I'm not a big fan of Hohner. In the last 40-50 years Hohner has done awful things to innocent companies that they perceived as competition. They have forced many companies out of business through litigation if they could not buy the company outright. The Koch company was one of these (Lee Oskar and Huang were two of the first survivors).

Hohner makes many, many models of harmonicas and most of them are useless or redundant but more products ultimately makes Hohner more money. The Koch chromatic may not be what you really want or need. It is not layed out like a typical chromatic harmonica. It is a "bastard harmonica"- a cross between a diatonic and a chromatic. In my opinion they are not the best of both worlds, but the worse. Because it is such an odd bird, and the fact that I don't know any pros that play them, you most likely will not find much about the Koch on the Net. If there is anything about it out there it would be at one of the chromatic harmonica sites out there.

If you really want to play chromatic, start with a standard 12 or 16 hole model. As you may have guessed from what I wrote above, I have no respect for Hohner and their business practices, but I still think they make the best chromatic harmonicas. Good luck, I hope I didn't bum you out.


: Hello!

: I'm a Self Taught diatonic player and now i'm trying the chromatic.

: I bought a Hohner Koch Harmonica 10 holes and i need info on how to master it, sites with tablatures...etc.

: I'm learning to play Beatles Song "Michele" but anything can help me to know more about it.

: TanKiu!

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